Monday, September 01, 2014

HAVING SOLVED ALL THE WORLD'S OTHER PROBLEMS, Obama to fix your dishwasher. What, the Maytag man is too busy?
PROBLEMS: Florida reports huge drop in ObamaCare enrollment. Here in Virginia, my opthamologist has chosen to self-insure and pay the 'penalty' rather than sign up on the federal exchange.

My opthamologist is smart.
THERE'S A REASON why you never put your finger on the trigger unless the weapon is pointed at the target and you're ready to fire.
RANDOM THOUGHTS from the retirement lane: President Obama should take a cue from actor Victor Mature: "I am not a President and I've got 5-1/2 years of experience to prove it."

Apologies to Mature, of whose films I have fond memories.
SEN. TED CRUZ: bomb the Islamic State 'back to the Stone Age'. They're already there -- just take away their modern toys and let 'em rot.
TEAR DOWN THOSE WALLS! The roof will remain standing. (Well, it does in my reality world. The rainbows & unicorns hold it up....)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

POWERLINE: Why renewable energy is hopeless.

It's only hopless if you insist on not living in the Dark Ages....
WASHINGTON POST EDITORIAL: Former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell should be held accountable, like others are.

So excuse me, but what's the significant difference between Bob and Maureen McDonnell and Barack and Michelle Obama?
AMMO GRRLL: "Life can be a marathon through a minefield."
TWO EXAMPLES of the proper use of gun control.
THE POWER OF CRAZY: I could live with them if they just wouldn't vote.

An example.
WHY AM I SUSPICIOUS? One million dollar federal grant funds plan to detect “misinformation,” “hate speech” on social media. Remember Obama's Organizing for America 'truth team'? This strikes me as pretty much the same, only under the aegis of the feds.

Hot Air also finds it Orwellian.
JEFF JACOBY on voting for the lesser evil.
WASHINGTON POST: The "can't do" administration.
POWERLINE'S WEEK IN PICTURES: Strategery Edition. My favorite:

Enjoy the rest as well.
IRS NOW CLAIMS Lois Lerner’s emails not really missing, just really hard to find. So put the back-up tapes online and let us crowdsource them.

Shouldn't take over 24 hours....
OBAMA'S INVERSION: relocating the White House to the U.N.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

LIBERALS: Obama's incompetence is not his fault. (It's those damn Republicans.)
REASON: A Third of Obamacare’s Federal Exchange Contracts Are Already Over Budget. The other 2/3 will be soon enough.
CENSUS: more than one-third of Americans receiving welfare benefits. Remember Mitt Romney's "47%" remark? Well, take a gander at this:

If the approximately 1/3 receiving welfare benefits can be fairly described as Obama's base, Romney wasn't far off....