Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SURPRISE: Bureaucrats oppose easier termination for bureaucrats.

'Reform' is simply kicking the can beyond the 3-day news horizon....
MORE BIKE LANES, OF COURSE: "Which will make morning and evening commutes easier and safer, spending highway trust funds on more and better roads, or more bike lanes?"
More than 90 percent of Americans depend upon their personal cars and trucks to get to and from work every day. But many government officials at all levels seem determined to make life miserable for drivers.

They won't say it in those words, but that is what many public officials, including especially the bureaucrats who run zoning, transportation and economic development agency, intend to be the result of their policies.

Why? So commuters will leave their cars at home and take mass transit instead. That justifies bigger budgets and staffs for the bureaucrats.

This is the ugly secret at the heart of federal transportation policy. It's why one of every four tax dollars collected for the Highway Trust Fund is actually spent, according to the Heritage Foundation, on "subways, streetcars, buses, bicycle and nature paths, and landscaping."

Bureaucrats love mass transit because mass transit goes where they want it to go when they want it to go there. Bureaucrats hate private cars and trucks because drivers decide where to go instead of bureaucrats. Government control versus individual freedom.
As usual, it's all about control. Their control, not yours.
FAA PROPOSES $12M fine against Southwest Airlines. Which goes into FAA coffers to pay for what? More safety? Or more bureaucrats?
NASA MOVES to protect (contractor) whistleblowers. But not their own....
HOW TO FIND EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE: Search for polluted planets.
BECAUSE 97%: The eternal spotlessness emptiness of the Sunshine Mind.
TECHNOLOGY: ARES combat drone.
POLITICO: How the Left took over the Democratic Party.

I remember the date: "We bought it, we own it, and we're going to take it back."
MoveOn.Org, December 9, 2004.
POWERLINE: The case for mandatory nametags.

With the plethora of company IDs, almost any urban downtown is a mandatory ID environment.
"ECONOMIC PATRIOTISM means not turning the US economy and government into an unAmerican slough of cronyism, graft, and redistribution. President Obama is an economically unpatriotic President."
DODO'S ARE EXTINCT, but on the bright side....
WATCH THE CRIME RATE DROP: Legal Carry in D.C. Until Further Notice.

More here.
THE SCOREKEEPER (#16): "Democrats nominated a black man so they could use his race to protect their socialism from criticism."

Context: lying about ObamaCare, and sometimes correlation is just correlation.
BECAUSE THEY'RE RIGHT: Let's guillotine climate change skeptics.

Monday, July 28, 2014

WHITE HOUSE fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry.

National Review Online has taken note: Diplomacy Doesn't Get Any Smarter Than This. And the NRO commenters have redubbed 'smart diplomacy':
A better phrase might be "smart-assed diplomacy". I have never heard any Israeli official ever refer to Kerry as a superluous, arrogant caricature of a diplomat, a butt-boy for Hamas. I don't think any Israeli official would ever say such a thing, but it is true.
"Supercilious, arrogant caricature" accurately describes the entire Obama administration. The only adjective missing is 'thin-skinned'.
MEET THE PEOPLE Obama doesn’t want to come to America. They would probably vote Republican....
INSTAPUNDIT: "If today’s immigrant wave were likely to vote Republican, all right-thinking people would be demanding deportations and a mile-wide belt of barbed wire and minefields along the border."