Tuesday, June 19, 2018

MINNESOTA POLITICS: I have seen the future, and they are jerks.

Monday, June 18, 2018

JUST ANOTHER 'anti-rich' millionaire politician.
The top Democrat running in New York’s 19th Congressional District took out a full page ad in the Albany Times Union slamming the “billionaires” and the “corporations” who “have rigged the system against us.” It is a pretty typical political ad. He looks stern with his arms crossed and his sleeves rolled up on his blue dress shirt — literally a blue collar! And then, there’s the $8,950 timepiece on his wrist.
But it's okay; he's a progressive.
HEH: Just another nut in the Leftist fruitcake.
THEN WHY HASN'T HE MOVED THERE? Human rights professor says Venezuelans 'better off' under socialism.

Doesn't he want to be 'better off' too?
ONLY 7? The seven nuttiest things Nancy Pelosi has said this year.

Nancy Pelosi is the poster child for progressive insanity.
BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, RETIRED SOON THEREAFTER: Why you’ll love having Gen Zers in the workplace.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

YOU GO FIRST, GUYS: Berkeley declares 'climate emergency', demands 'humane' population control. I'll hang around a while to see if it works.

Random thought: If an environmentalist commits suicide, is it a self-abortion (to save Gaia, of course)?
THE DEEP STATE IS AN ORGANISM, not a conspiracy.

Charlie Martin may not know how to deal with the 'Deep State' but I do: stop feeding it!
Starvation works.
WELL AND TRULY SPOKEN: "Those who proclaim themselves 'socialists' are usually depressing, have no sense of humor and attended an expensive college."

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The subject of stopping the Hawaiian volcano has come up in Hawaii amongst lifelong residents.

According to ancient Hawaiian tradition, the quickest way to appease Pele and have the volcanic fires stop is to make a human sacrifice into her fires, and according to tradition, that needs to be a celebrated leader who was born in Hawaii.

Obama quickly announced he was actually born in Kenya, and has the birth certificate to prove it.
THE FBI’S FRACTURED FAIRYTALE: If the goal was to frame one man and his employees, then everything makes sense.
IT WAS WALL-TO-WALL CORRUPTION, but the press didn’t care. Because Obama.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

POWERLINE: The high price of stale grievances.

The entire essay is here.
SUMMER'S HERE: Be sure you can recognize these parasites...

CALIFORNIA'S 'three-state' solution. To what? Is there evidence somewhere that three smaller incompetent states is somehow 'better'that one large incompetent state? Best comment pair:
I think CA should be annexed to Mexico.
In practice, it is. We just need to finish the paperwork.
Personally, I'd okay giving California back to Mexico. It would solve the illegal immigration problem and I suspect improve America's trade inbalance with the world.