Tuesday, July 22, 2014

POWERLINE: Israel seems ready to tune John Kerry out.

They'd be following America's lead: most thinking Americans are already tuning the whole damned Obama administration out.
AMERICA IS JUST TOO GOSH-DARNED HARD TO GOVERN. Especially if you're a total incompetent.
OH, NO, ... NO. We're not doing race/ethnic grading. Read the comments, starting with "In other words, it's bullshit."
LESSONS FROM THE NANNY STATE: The day I was nearly arrested for having an autistic son.
'FOX FOREIGN POLICY EXPERT' Carley Fiorina tells Obama how to handle Putin. That's what so great about blog Left -- when they're wrong, they're Right.
OBAMA'S TRANQUILITY: The ego has landed.
TENURED PARTISANS: The promise of employment for life has bred corruption in the civil service and should be eliminated.
REMY: What are the Chances? (An IRS Love Song)

Monday, July 21, 2014

AN EMPTY PANTSUIT: Hillary Clinton is the political equivalent of the Kardashians -- being famous for being famous. Unfortunately with the plethora of low no information voters available, it may be enough to win.
LEADERSHIP THEN AND NOW: KAL 007 vs. MH 17. Then was better.
REGULATORY CAPTURE: Just another tool in crony capitalism's toolbag.

And yet another reason for dramatically cutting the size of government at all levels.
Hamas, even with its all its longer-range missiles, is capable of inflicting no more damage on the Zionist Entity than a lone killer armed with only a steak knife.
Still, even one crazed killer armed with a steak knife is one too many.
SANCTUARY CITIES: A modest proposal for housing illegal immigrants. In addition to San Francisco, Baltimore, and the White House, I'd recommend Berkeley, CA; Austin, TX; Seattle, WA; Elizabeth Warren's digs in Massachusetts, and of course the Clinton estates in Washington DC and New York.

A complete list of sanctuary cities/states is here.
SO IF YOU don't like them, are afraid of them, or are jealous because you can't afford them, then they must be banned regulated into oblivion? The Dangers of Private Planes.
UKRAINE REBEL LEADER claims Flight MH17 was filled with already-dead bodies. Well, yeah, by the time it hit the ground I'm sure that was true....
BILL WHITTLE on Apollo's legacy.

Or rather, lack of one.
THE BENEFITS OF FEMINISM: Who’s Unhappiest? She’s 42, Single, and Working.
SUBMERGED BAGS OF AIR could turn wind and solar power into round-the-clock resources. And if we could inflate the bags with the hot air generated by Congress, we wouldn't need wind turbines....
GOOD NEWS: If you're a taxpayer, you only owe $151,342.