Thursday, April 24, 2014

DRAGON LADY outlasts Cold War, but (perhaps) not defense cuts.
BUT OTHER THAN THAT, everything is just peachy.
PAUL KRUGMAN claims America becoming an ‘oligarchy’. Yes, and guess who's lining himself up solidly on the side of the oligarchs....
TERRI LYNN LAND: The real war on women is ObamaCare. And ObamaCare is not a war on just women.
THINK PROGRESS SELF-PARODIES: "There's even a gender gap in children's allowances."
AMITY SHLAES: How the Affordable Care Act could collapse. Not with a bang, but with a whimper....
THE OBAMA RACE CARD keeps being played. And it keeps failing.
WILL STARBUCKS no longer be welcome on college campuses?

MSNBC HOST CHRIS HAYES pens radical 'climate justice' manifesto.

Luckily Chris Hayes isn't smart enough to be considered stupid.
WHY THE DEMOCRATS' 'WAR ON WOMEN'? Because they can't say 'recovery'; nor can they say 'ObamaCare'.

And the race card has played out....
K STREET battles Tea Party in GOP primaries. The only question is whether or not they'll be good losers.
SANITATION COMES TO MIND: What's the difference between Bundy and Occupy Wall Street?

See also here.

From the Scorekeeper (#8).
FOR ACADEMIC ELITES evidence is irrelevant. Well, of course. Since they know it all already.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ELIZABETH WARREN should run for president. "She's the perfect nominee for a Democratic Party that has degenerated into a coalition of cronies, rent-seekers, limousine lefties and grievance-mongers of both the ethnic and sexual varieties and is anything but 'democratic'."
ANOTHER GREAT CAMPAIGN AD: The Tea Party GOP knows how to use mockery effectively. It's something the establishment GOP could learn.

More from PowerLine. Senator Posterior. Heh.
POWERLINE: Earth Day after-action report.

Occupy Wall Streeters.
BRING BACK SHOP CLASS: Pipeline welders make $150,000 in Ohio, while liberal arts majors flounder.
BUT VOTER FRAUD ISN'T A PROBLEM: Over 40,000 voters are registered in both Virginia and Maryland.

Question: How do you know voter fraud isn't a problem?
MICHELLE MALKIN diagnoses NBC'S David Gregory problem: He's a jerk.