Saturday, December 20, 2014


THE CENSUS BUREAU wants to stop tracking marriage and its effect on the U.S. Yes, let's further marginalize those [mostly white, probably Christian, probably child-laden] married couples. They're screwing up our diversity.
JUST DESSERTS: Mosquitos that breed year-round infest Manhattan's Upper West Side.
DEMOCRATS TO COLBERT: Thanks for your help! I suspect this may be the reason why the 'cromnibus' included this campaign finance change provision.
THE CUCKOO'S NEST: A private social club for Silicon Valley venture capitalistss and entrepreneurs.

On the bright side, they got the name right.
MARGINALIZING THE ALREADY MARGINALIZED: Washington Examiner columnist Ashe Schow is doing real feminism a great service.
IT'S AGAINST THE LAW: But it didn't stop the NRLB from filing charges anyway.
UCLA PROFESSOR: Without media bias the average US state would vote like Texas or Tennessee (Video).

Professor Groseclose's Political Quotient quiz is here. I scored 4.16, just barely to the left of Michelle Bachmann. Obviously I'm one of those 'knuckle-dragging Neanderthals' the Left is always complaining about.
THE OBAMAS, racism, and the rest of us:
[F]or the perpetually aggrieved, sometimes honest mistakes are presumptive evidence of invidious discrimination.

We can only hope that one day Mr. Obama will be mistaken for the president of the United States of America. So far, he’s given precious little indication he understands that’s what he was elected to be.
No one would ever mistake him for President of the United States.
DON SURBER: New York returns to the 19th century.
I fully expect Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo to follow through on this [ban on fracking] by banning all use of oil and natural gas as a means of keeping the evil spirits from rising elsewhere.

A return to wood stoves would promote the renewable energy that trees provide. OK, you would probably deplete the forests of New York in one winter, but a few years of cold while you await the regrowth of the forests is a small price to pay for keeping the evil spirits at bay.

Likewise, Mayor DeBlasio will have to rescind his ban on horse-drawn carriages if New York is going to keep moving. The return of electric streetcars would help, provided the electricity is generated by hydro or wooden wind turbines because we cannot extract the ores for metal, lest we disturb the undergrounnd gods. Coal, and uranium for nuclear use are also out.
Dried manure burns; not well - and it smells - but it does burn.
WHEN FACED WITH A SPINELESS CONGRESS, YES: Can [the Emperor] Obama lift the Cuba embargo alone?
CNN’S GLORIA BORGER: Obama is basically Superman. Is that better than being Emperor?