Thursday, November 26, 2015

GEE, THAT VETTING PROCESS worked really well, didn't it?
OBAMACARE: It's still too early to say 'death spiral', but the prognosis isn't encouraging.
AS IF OBAMA CARES: Palestinian terror kills another American.
BUT WILL HE USE IT TO PAY HIS TAXES? Thanks to Obama and de Blasio, Al Sharpton gives himself $170K raise.
A GREAT IDEA: Poland's foreign minister proposes forming army out of the Syrian men arriving in Europe.

But with a snowball's chance in hell of happening....
THE COLLEGE PROBLEM begins in high school. And is exacerbated when the students arrive in college.
FEDS TO STATES: You have no right to deny settlement services to Syrian refugees. States to Feds: You have no right to settle terrorists in our midst.
NAMING NAMES: So -- if we're going to erase politically incorrect history, shouldn't we at least be consistent?
SPACE-X authorized to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station.
DESPITE LOST REVENUE, CVS executive says snuffing out cigarettes a 'good strategic decision’. Yes, pissing off a large minority of your customer base is always a good decision.

From PowerLines Thanksgiving Day in Pictures. Go see the rest.
PUNCHING BACK? Crimea goes dark after power lines from Ukraine cut.
D.C. MAYOR'S REASON FOR GUN-CONTROL: "I don't like guns." Never mind that Second Amendment to the Constitution thingy....
DUFFELBLOG: Pardoned White House Turkey Defects To ISIS. That was quick.
POLITICIZING THANKSGIVING: The DNC offers talking points; tongue-in-cheek, the Wall Street Journal responds.
BLOCKING OBAMACARE: In a shorter summary, the Obama administration is opposed to insider regulation and crony capitalism … unless it refers to their insiders and cronies.
QUIT WHINING and go to work (on Thanksgiving or whenever)!

TRIGGER WARNING: Top 10 Firearms Deals on Black Friday. My next purchase is going to be #3.
OKLAHOMA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT rebukes whiny 'safe space' students: "This is not a day care. This is a university!"

Sit down and shut up!