Friday, September 19, 2014

BOEING, SPACE-X are winners of NASA 'space taxi' contracts. Boeing is the last of the 'old guard' and Space-X the upstart.
WHY #GAMERGATE MATTERS: As one who is completely outside the gaming community, I'm not terribly interested in the 'scandal' itself, but I did find this Instapundit comment interesting:
The “social justice warrior” crowd isn’t about social justice. It’s about using race-and-gender talk to keep people in their place. In exchange for this, they get to cement their position on one of the lower rungs of the New Class.
'Social justice' is little more than moral preening.
AREN'T THE ROADS CROWDED ENOUGH? Humanoid Robot Nao Learns to Drive Its Own Car.
JEFF JACOBY: An election tsunami?
It’s not hard to understand why so many members of Congress come to regard incumbency much as medieval kings regarded the crown — theirs by divine right. The Economist noted recently that while 30 percent of Europe’s monarchs have been replaced since 2012, less than 4 percent of US House seats are seriously competitive in the November midterms. Kings and queens aren’t as hard to extricate as congressional incumbents.
I'd be happy if there is one, but I won't pin my hopes on it.
WELL, WE ALWAYS KNEW Democrats favor redistribution.
I'M NOT SURPRISED: Faith in the Republican Party's ability to fight terrorism is at an all-time high. But I am somewhat surprised that the Democrats rank as high as they do.

THE DEMOCRATS' "War on Women" has come home to roost.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

NANCY PELOSI just might be insane. Nah. Bonehead stupid covers the territory adequately.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

LARGE TECHNOLOGY, LARGE GOVERNMENT. Small technology, larger government?
COMPELLED SECULARISM? Yes, let's tax religious affiliation.
WHO NEEDS AMBASSADORS? Or a State Department for that matter, if they keep telling you things you don't want to hear?
HARRY REID'S complaining that Republicans have advanced his own bill in order to "stall" the Senate....

The Senate ain't Burger King, Harry. You don't always get it your way.
CATCH-22: Russian space training may put U.S. in a diplomatic bind:
As the International Space Station gets ready for a routine change of crew using Russia’s Soyuz spaceships, the Russian government seems to be initiating a subtle gambit to force the United States into a diplomatic trap over the status of Russian-occupied Crimea.

Here’s how it works: Either the United States acknowledges the legitimacy of the recent Russian annexation of that Ukrainian province, or it will be forced by existing agreements to disqualify NASA astronauts from flying aboard Russia’s spaceships, which currently provide the only means to get astronauts to and from the space station.
All the more reason to develop an American orbital capability; otherwise the "International" Space Station hijacking by the Russians will be complete.
JEFF JACOBY: Here's drinking to your health. Jacoby raises a good question: if Cheerios can advertise the 'heart-healthy' benefits of oats, why can't alcohol advertisers promote the health benefits of moderate drinking?
TO UNDERSTAND the 'climate change' hysteria on the Left, you need only to follow the money.
MORE OBAMACARE MISERY: Cheaper drugs can also mean less choice without savings for patients. The author blames the pharmaceutical industry; I blame crony capitalism.

UPDATE: case in point. Read to the bottom of the post.
GETTING IT IN THE 'WATER' MIGHT BE A CHORE: NASA takes to the depths of outer space with plans to send submarine to Saturn moon.
School bans 'offensive' Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

Football team forced to remove Christian crosses from their football helmets.

Army dad denied entry to child's school because he was in uniform.

Vermont bans brownies from school snacks.
We don't send our children to public schools any more; we send them to indoctrination centers.