Thursday, October 27, 2016

A MALE FEMINIST ponders how you could possibly like Trump if you know any women.

What a load of hogwash by a 'man' riding a unicorn into battle in an alternate reality. Replace 'male feminist' with 'beta male' and 'women' with 'feminists' (or more precisely, as Rush Limbaugh would put it, 'feminazis') and you'd have a more accurate statement.


The more things change, the more they stay the same (just more expensive)....
THANKS, NBA: 76ers nixed singer's national anthem performance over 'We Matter' jersey. It's about time.
OBAMACARE: What can't it do? Here's what it did in Minnesota....

That must hurt.
JUST ANOTHER HILLARY WHOPPER: The Supreme Court’s Heller decision wasn’t about toddlers. Unless a 66-year-old police officer can legitimately be described as a 'toddler'.

Hillary Clinton tells so many lies so consistently that I'll be shocked the day she tells the truth (if that day ever comes).

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

BE ACIDMAN this election.

Rob Smith's Gut Rumbles was one of my favorite blogs almost from the time I first discovered web logs until his death in 2006. I still miss his invective and insight.
VOTE FOR TRUMP ... because he can be impeached.

Sounds crazy, I know, but the argument is that if he goes off the rails (unlikely), the Stupid Party might have the balls to impeach him. If Hillary were to become President and go off the rails (which she certainly will), it won't.

Read the whole thing.
WHY IT MIGHT BE WISE to vote for Hillary.
A NONSENSICAL ACADEMIC PAPER on nuclear physics written only by iOS autocomplete has been accepted for a scientific conference.

In my academic past, I've reviewed (and rejected) submitted papers that could have been improved had computers and autocomplete functions been available back then. On the plus side, 'autoaccept' wasn't available then either.
TWITTER: Master of the [Liberal] Universe. Twitter is for twits.
HILLARY'S CAMPAIGN: where diversity trumps [heh - ed.] competence. I'm curious: Is 'diverse' a new gender? And in what universe does 50% (white men) plus 33% (women, of all colors?) plus 33% (of ... whatever) add up to 100%?
MORE FROM those misogynistic Republicans. Oh, wait ... Jay Z is a Democrat? Never mind.
WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: No, Democrats are not crooks; they're just crook wannabes not smart enough to succeed.
Podesta kept up with former investment firm employer while at White House.

How a Free Beacon Email Helped Cost a Clinton Crony a Campaign Gig.

Obama to fundraise for Hillary with CEO facing $127 million wage-theft suit.

Hannity defends National Enquirer’s reputation, lists stories it got correct.

Evan Bayh had lunch with bank lobbyists day of ’08 bailout vote.

Former Pennsylvania Democratic AG sentenced to 10-23 months in jail.

Hassan accused of stonewalling transparency suit.

Ex-State Department IT staffer pleads the Fifth on Clinton email questions.
And this is just today....

BIG (P)OOPSIE: DNC 'apologizes' for dumping raw sewage from campaign bus in Gwinnett County, GA. Remember that the Dave Matthews band paid over $200,000 for essentially the same thing? I'm guessing Matthews is not a Hillary Democrat.
THANK HEAVEN for the Democrats' magic unicorns: subsidies rise again for ObamaCare 'health' plans.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

AMMO GRRRLL on the bookcase: "It reminds us of who we were, how far we have come and who we still are."

Thanks for the memory.
AUTUMN LEAVES, 22 October 2016:

Here are this week's pictures. Not as much change as I expected, given the amount of leaves cluttering up Arapaho Walk, the driveway, and our 'yard'.

From the lower driveway, a bit farther away this week:

The reverse image. Not much change in color, but note the leaves on the driveway.

From the upper driveway. Note the red leaves on the tree at the edge.

The 'back 40' is showing some change (this part of the driveway is clean only because the leaf blower was tested on it this morning).

The pond is getting a little more visible, though I'm not sure that's because of fewer leaves or the fact the contractor has been working on the retaining walls beneath the picture.

Finally a new picture - the view from my terrace-level 'office' window.