Saturday, April 21, 2018

A GOOD QUESTION and I don't know the answer either.
SANITY MAY BE RETURNING TO AMERICA: Nebraska just passed a major occupational licensing reform measure.
AMMO GRRRLL travels through blinding sandstorms to the frozen tundra.
I'M SURE THE CHILDREN WILL BE HAPPY: Rhode Island town bans the sale and use of balloons.

To be super environmentally sensitive, they should also ban the sale and use of conddoms and latex gloves (medical personnel especially will bethrilled).
EXCEPT ON THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT: America is not as intolerant as we make it out to be.

There, it's worse.

Friday, April 20, 2018

THE DEATH TAX explained.

If only.
NEW YORK GOV. ANDREW CUOMO: I'm an undocumented immigrant. Well, good. That means he can't run for President in 2020.

And I don't think most citizens of New York state will be pleased to find out that their Governor is an illegal....

UPDATE: He's a female Jewish Muslim illegal immigrant. But is he black?
DELICIOUS: Arrogant New Yorker writer gets his head handed to him on a silver chicken platter.

Michelle Malkin weighs in as well:
Perhaps, in the interest of public health, the CDC should launch a weekly C-F-A-P [Chick-fil-A phobia] surveillance report to map the recurrence of this culturally infectious disease. Early-onset symptoms include fear of pressure-cooked poultry, allergic reaction to waffle potato fries and an irrational hatred of cow costumes. Anti-Christian prejudice and coastal elitism are common co-morbidities associated with this debilitating progressive condition.
Sans the arrogance and hubris, what remains of the author could be buried in a matchbox.
#NEVER TRUMP: If you don't like our principles ... we have others.

What happens to useful idiots when they're no longer useful? They're just idiots. And it's time for them to go away.
PRICKLY CITY explains political correctness.
JUST FOR FUN. A snow post from my email:
It’s been snowing all night. So the morning goes like this:

8:00    I made a snowman.

8:10    A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn’t make a snow woman.

8:15    So, I made a snow woman.

8:17    The nanny of the neighbors complained about the snow woman's voluptuous

8:20    The gay couple living nearby grumbled that it could have been two snowmen

8:25    The vegans at No. 12 complained about the carrot nose, as veggies are
            food and not to decorate snow figures with.

8:28    I am being called a racist because the snow couple is white.

8:31    The Muslim gent across the road wants the snow woman to wear a headscarf.

8:40    Someone calls the cops who show up to see what’s going on.

8:42    I am told that the broomstick of the snowman needs to be removed because
            it could be used as a deadly weapon. Things get worse after I mutter:
            "Yeah, if it's up your a***"

8:45    Local TV news crew shows up. I am asked if I know the difference
            between snowmen and snow-women? I reply, "Snowballs" and am called a

8:52    My phone is seized and thoroughly checked while I am being blindfolded
            and flown to the police station in a helicopter.

9:00    I'm on the news as a suspected terrorist bent on stirring up trouble
            during this difficult weather.

9:10    I am asked if I have any accomplices.

9:29    A little known jihadist group has claimed it was their plot.
Moral: There is no moral to this story. It’s just the America we live in today!
SPRING LEAVES, POST #1: The weather has been so crazy here (fog, rain, sleet, snow, hail, high winds, and freezing cold, all in one morning last week) that I'm just now starting my annual 'spring leaves' photo series. Here are the first pictures:

This is the pond, taken from the back deck.

And here is the house, taken from just down the road from our driveway.

I'm only about a month late compared to last year (March 5 start), but the trees seem to have maintained their schedule (here's April 16, 2017) while the flowering plants (hostas, day lilies) got fooled by an early warming.

I'll pick up the normal schedule on Sunday.
A ROUGH WEEK for the Dimocrats Democrats.

I'm looking forward to many more....

Thursday, April 19, 2018

SEEN ON THE CHURCH MESSAGE BOARD: "Hard to rise early on Sunday morning? Try rising from the dead."

It was on Easter Sunday, but I'm a little slow getting the 'news' out these days....
ARE YOU RACIST if you like your coffee black?

More proof (if any is needed) that progressives are nuts.
WHY I NO LONGER WATCH MUCH TELEVISION: At least three minutes of every ten are filled with overwhelmingly repetitive, overwhelmingly smug commercials.

Commercials used to be about having the right things (i.e. 'keeping up with the Joneses'), now it's about having the right attitudes (i.e., political correctness).
MILLENNIALS KNOW A LOT OF STUFF. Just not history. And if they've been to college, what they do know is probably wrong.
HOWEVER MUCH, IT IS NOT ENOUGH: You won’t believe what tax reform will cost wealthy Californians in 2019.
JUST NOT ENOUGH: Sore loser Hillary sees popularity plummet.
TAMMY BRUCE: Turning California into three states won’t solve its problems. No, but it might confine them to a smaller area.