Saturday, August 27, 2016

NO SAFE SPACE: Social Justice Warriors predictably freak out.

From the comments:
[Eighteen] years ago when my middle child was a toddler, I participated in a comment board on AOL's Moms Online regarding spanking. The liberal idiots on the board said that they would never ever consider "hitting" their children to discipline them. Instead, their children were allowed to freely express themselves and their feelings. They might get sent to their rooms until they were ready to rejoin the rest of the family, but while in their rooms, they were allowed to rage, throw things, jump on the bed, scream invectives at their mothers, and use whatever horrible language they could think of. They considered that this acceptance and acknowlegement of their child's feelings freed the child's spirit, encouraged creativity and sensitivity, and in every way resulted in a more intelligent, self aware, and caring children. Their children would grow up to be happy, gentle, compassionate leaders since they hadn't experienced the "violence" of spanking, while ours, having been "beaten into submission", would grow up to be dull, unimaginative sheep with oppressed personalities who would then have no option but to perpetrate their own violence on those around them.

Those unspanked snowflakes are now grown up, and are off at college behaving just as they were taught to as children--raging, breaking things, screaming obscenities at whatever authority figures are attempting to corral them, demanding to be treated as the center of the universe,and making everyone around them unbelievably miserable.
I love to watch snowflakes melting....

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