Sunday, January 31, 2016

JEFF JACOBY: the question not answered:
[J]ust once I would like to hear a debate moderator ask presidential candidates not what they want the government to do, but what they believe the government has no business doing. I got my wish when Bret Baier challenged Governor Chris Christie to "name even one thing that the federal government does now that it should not do at all."

For a split-second I fantasized that Christie, or another candidate, would rattle off some of the countless things the federal government shouldn't do: Legislate minimum wages. Mandate grade-school curricula. Ban incandescent light bulbs. Subsidize dairy farmers. Be in charge of airport security. Decide who qualifies for a mortgage. Force Americans to buy insurance policies.

Christie's answer? He would defund Planned Parenthood. That's all he came up with.

All those Republicans, and barely a drop of righteous indignation at the massive intrusion of Big Brother into virtually every aspect of modern American life.
We should ask for - and demand - an answer from every presidential candidate at every opportunity.

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