Saturday, January 30, 2010

THE "COURAGE" OF CONVICTION: Invited to a tea party debate on climate change, AGW supporters opt out of participating — and quite rudely.
When the idea came up for a debate on global warming, it seemed like a great idea to our tea party group.

I invited scientists from all over the country — even some from around the world — to a fair and balanced event. I was amazed at the lack of response to the many invitations that went out, but more interesting were the insulting, mocking, sarcastic replies I received from scientists who seem to share a similar belief that a debate is ridiculous on such a settled science.
I agree with many of the commenters - 1) I sure wish Ms. Simac would post the scientists' email responses, and 2) Ms. Simac overestimates the intelligence of men "much smarter than me."

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