Sunday, August 06, 2017

MICHELLE MALKIN: That was the week that was.
REMEMBER THAT DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD THINGY? Thanks, Obama! Trump Is Expanding Your Effort to Imprison Leakers!
DEREK HUNTER: We're witnessing a slowrolling coup.

One that is destined to fail.
KEEP DELETING, MORONS: since you can't apologize.

When scrolling through the tweets, it's interesting to note is that the sewer-living, potty-mouth guttersnipes appear to all be of the progressive Left. You would think those virtue-signaling 'citizens' (I'm being generous assuming they're of human origin) would have a slightly larger vocabulary.
AND I'M PLOTTING a "shadow campaign" against anti-Trump Republicans: Anti-Trump Republicans Plotting “Shadow Campaign” for 2020.

My strategy is that of Ronald Reagan: "I win, you lose."
NONSEQUITUR: Making government hackproof. With the added benefit of increased efficiency.
WE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY: Democrat activist vows Maxine Waters will be next House speaker.
TRUMP vs. the permanent coastal privilege party.

From Instapundit: "America has the worst political class in its history."
SO MUCH FOR PURDUE'S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING: College head wants to ‘revise’ engineering curricula to ‘de-center Western civilization’.

The results won't be pretty, as I've already witnessed what 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism' have done to the workplace.
CIVIL WAR ON THE LEFT: googly bits fall off.

I saw this happening in the company I worked for in the last few years before I (was) retired. It's the most significant of the very few reasons I'm grateful for retirement.

UPDATE: more here.

SO KIDS will be left with reduced Social Security payments?

Not bloody likely.
WHY I AM immediately going to Chick-Fil-A for a sandwich.
JIM ACOSTA, racist apologist for white privilege.