Wednesday, August 02, 2017

WHAT CONGRESS SHOULD KNOW about my cat Smokey.

I have long said I'd rather be treated by my vet than by my doctor.
KEEP IT UP, GENTRY LIBERALS: this is how I get more Trump.
WE CALL THEM 'PROGRESSIVES': Boobs are back in a big way.

Yes, I know: my lede didn't exactly match the post, but it was too hard to resist.
YOU WONDERED why there are so many medical commercials on television.
ON 'GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS': Liberals might want to learn a little history before they try to remake it.

The Katherine Stewart post referred to I posted on here.
A PARAGRAPH that explains Why Trump.

And a smaller State Department is not a bad deal, either.
FROM INSTAPUNDIT: At Amazon, the XR5 Tactical Assault Rock.

It should be made of foam, so social justice warriors can throw it....
POWERLINE on being a white snowflake on a university(?!) campus.
WHY I STILL LIKE [MOST OF] TEXAS: Woman shoots home intruder.

If the Tucker Carlson video pops up at the top, watch it.
HMM: News the media buries.