Monday, July 31, 2017


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DAMNED RIGHT WE DID: CNN Host says Trump voters staged a ‘rebellion against people like us’.
JAKE TAPPER TO BERNIE SANDERS: “How do you make it [health care] national if you can’t even get it in Vermont and California?”

Reply (summarized): "Well, that's different."
UH-OH: Eco-friendly light bulbs causing health problems?
UNEXPECTEDLY: California voted to go easy on criminals; got more crime.
HAS THE TIPPING POINT BEEN REACHED? The can can be kicked only so far before the road ends in a cliff.
CONSERVATIVE MOVE aims to help Republicans living in blue states move to states more aligned with their conservative ethos.

Heh. And I don't think it's a niche market either....
THE POLITICALLY CORRECT NATION is in a tizzy because the movie "Dunkirk" historically accurate.
THE HISTORY of Fusion GPS. It's not pretty.
THE BILL to permanently fix health care for all. It should be titled 'The bill to permanently get government the hell out of health care.

Read it carefully.
SO TELL ME AGAIN how that 'I' in FBI stands for 'integrity'.
HARD TO BELIEVE: Not even the engineering professions are immune to political correctness. Iowahawk has the right answer, but it would be futile - solving differential equations requires a brain; political correctness requires no brain.
PREDICTION: ObamaCare will fail in 2018: 1,332 counties in the United States will only have one health insurer on ObamaCare exchange in 2018; 40 counties will have none.

There are 3,144 counties or county equivalents in the United States; that means 44% - almost half - will no choice at all. That's not government health care?

Remember that it was government healthcare that killed Charlie Gard (but they did it kindly).
GOVERNMENT wrecked the gas can. and that's just the short list of wreckage.

Linked from Instapundit. Be sure to read the comments for even more wreckage. And don't forget the damage done to healthcare.
TOWNHALL: Of skunks and leakers.
[P]ursuing one's own political agenda, whether as a government servant or an elected official via 'leaks' is not only dishonorable and perhaps illegal depending on what information is being leaked, but it's also cowardly. The actions of a gutless and spineless individual. Lily-livered, craven and chicken-hearted also come to mind.
Comparing leakers to skunks is an insult to skunks.