Friday, July 28, 2017

COMPETITIVE VICTIMHOOD: a culture of narcissism. One only has to take a brief glance at progressives to understand.
NATIONAL REVIEW autopsies the GOP's healthcare debacle.

The article is longish, and excellently written, but I disagree with the conclusion that Republicans now own healthcare and must do something. I'm sorry, but ObamaCare was broken before the election, and it's broken now: nothing's changed. The Republicans tried to fix it, and were obstructed in their efforts by the Democrats at every turn.

No, the Democrats own Obamacare. The Republicans should make that perfectly clear, and tell them "Now it's your turn. Propose legislation to fix ObamaCare and let the Republicans critique your legislation. You only need 12 Republicans in the Senate and 24 in the House to enact your legislation, assuming President Trump won't veto it."

Let them be condemned to their turn at being Sisyphus.
HERE'S A winning political bumper sticker. One I think I can support....
THE CANNABIS CANDIDATE: Gavin Newsom for California Governor.

Instapundit comments: "You don’t have to be stoned to support Gavin Newsom, but it helps."
A VERY PLEASANT THOUGHT: ICE may be getting ready to arrest some sanctuary city mayors.
MORE TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Couple splits over political views.

Good news for divorce lawyers, I suppose....
FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY: the world has hardly changed.
HBO: programming for left-wing fantasy.

You're welcome.
BREAKING: Star Trek is racist.
AS IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS: New York City would like a word with (and money from) your pet sitter.
I'VE BEEN READING A LOT ABOUT Gramscian damage and critical theory lately, so I decided to take a quick look at their meanings.

You can look them up at the (Wikipedia) links above, but here's my quick take: 'Gramscian' is obfuscatory shorthand for 'Marxist', and 'critical theory' is a SJW-speak explanation for 'why normal people hate us'.

For those who are truly interested, here's a longish article on Gramscian damage.
KURT SCHLICTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Pick your battles carefully.
TWEET OF THE DAY: Vox, refugees, and ObamaCare in two short sentences.
AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF OBAMA, this Trump Executive Order is overdue: Taking the Defense Industry Seriously.
HOW ABOUT 'Repeal AND Replace' on both sides?
HE FIGHTS. 'Nuff said.
PORTLANDIA: "[W]hen I came out as transgender, I lost two friends. When I came out as Republican, I lost 100 friends on Facebook."

The progressive Left bubble is nuts.
MAMA GRIZZLY BITES: Sarah Palin to subpoena 23 from NY Times in lawsuit.

The New YorkTimes may believe it's a mountain lion, but it chose the wrong grizzly. Watch until the end.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Trump's circular firing squad. My hope is that the shooting will continue until only Trump is left standing.
TOWNHALL: What's Behind 'Multiculturalism':
[C]ondescension is behind much of what passes for multiculturalism today. It takes a special kind of cruelty to watch other human beings suffer with afflictions and under conditions that have been solved elsewhere, and to call such detachment "cultural sensitivity."
Read it all.
DEAR TAXPAYERS: Thanks for housing non-existent tenants.

We're forever hearing from our (progressive) ruling class about how they're going to attack fraud, waste, and abuse - and nothing ever happens. That's because it's our money they're spending, not their own.