Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH: "The worse a government is at performing its basic tasks, the more energy it seems to spend on virtue-signalling and nannying."
MORE ON gas can follies. I originally wrote about it here, and here's another picture to illustrate the ignorance, arrogance, and bone-headed stupidity of the safety nannies who live in high-rise studio apartments and don't can't drive.

The small 1-gallon can on the left is actually almost useful for filling small tanks, like the lawn mower, but useless for even smaller engines like those on the chain saw or weed trimmer because you need two hands to hold the can and a third to stabilize the item being fueled.

The 5-gallon can on the right is totally useless. Think about it; one hand has to hold down the relief button on the spout; the other hand has to hold/stabilize the 30-plus pound can (gasoline weighs about 6 lbs/gallon). Note also that the 'safety caps' on the end of each spout interfere with putting the spout in the filler receptacle.

The can in the center is an old 'unsafe' 2-1/2 gallon can. It has no safety features at all, and actually sports an air vent on the top that can overflow if the can is tilted too far. I've never spilled a drop using it, filling everything from an automobile to the the smallest chain saw/lawn mower engine.

(Ed. note: I actually am beginning to have some small sympathy for the deep blue states of Oregon and New Jersey, whose citizens are too stupid to be allowed to fuel their own cars.)

UPDATE & BUMP: Today I refilled the gas tank (twice) on my UTV using the 'unsafe' 2-1/2 gallon gas can in the center - didn't spill a drop. The only spill occurred when using the 'safe' nonspill 5-gallon can on the right to refill the smaller can.
HE MAY HAVE TO: Trump can improve health care without Congress.
KURT SCHLICTER: Fire Robert Mueller, but be smart about it.
'NONE OF THE ABOVE' is looking better and better.
“TCHOTCHKES”? manufacturing hate for “Made in America”.
FOR DEMOCRATS, there's no fool like an old fool.

And they have plenty of those. Young ones, too, unfortunately.
DIRTY JOBS' MIKE ROWE against higher education? Absolutely not.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Swampland’s The Sewer's Ten Commandments.

Washington D.C. should be put at the top of the EPA's Superfund list of toxic waste sites.
ELIZABETH WARREN reminds the downtrodden on Martha's Vineyard that she's fighting for them.

Elizabeth "You didn't build that" Warren epitomizes the progressive Left: arrogant, elitist, ... and stupid.
IS IT TIME to move (some of) the Federal Government to the midwest?

I have a better idea: move the whole thing to the exact center of the largest of former President Obama's national monuments, accessible only by gravel roads maintained by the (federal) Bureau of Land Management.
BREAKING: California to require solar panels on all homes and windmills on all farms.

The difference between satire and Democrat orthdoxy can be very subtle.
OH, MY, a new class of victims: blocked by @realDonaldTrump on Twitter. The entitlement runs high in these loons....