Monday, June 26, 2017

DRAMA QUEENS DEMAND AIR TIME: White House reporters demand daily press briefings be televised.
OUR POLITICAL CLASS: They're wrong about everything.

But they're certain....
EXACTLY WHAT SHE DESERVES: Professor fired for saying Otto Warmbier ‘got exactly what he deserved’.

Another liberal idiot academic (I know; triple redundancy) bites the dust....
BERNIE SANDERS & WIFE share their wealth (with defense attorneys).

Plus other goodies from the week in review....
NEW JERSEY COLLEGE PROFESSOR: I was "publicly lynched".

Nope. Tucker Carlson only handed her the rope. She was the one who fashioned the noose, tied it to a tree, climbed up on her soapbox, put the noose over her head, and jumped off.

Update: Oh, wait, it was rape. I guess the race black privilege card didn't work.
DAVID HOROWITZ: Have the never Trumpers no shame?
SALON WRITER accidentally admits the Left’s racist views on illegal immigrants.
ONE WAY TO AVOID BOOMERANG KIDS is to have them learn real skills in high school.
POTEMPKIN PROGRESSIVISM - mostly bluff, or real anger? My personal opinion is that it's real anger that their bluff has been called.