Monday, May 08, 2017


It is wise to remember that before Galileo, the Earth was scientifically accepted as the center of the universe.
DIANNE FEINSTEIN struggling to read through 'complicated' healthcare bill. This whole mess might have been avoided if she had bothered to read the original ObamaCare bill. But no, she's a Democrat, and Democrats already know everything....
PROGRESSIVES ARE GOING 'NUCKING FUTS': Seattle Mayor adds diet drinks to his soda tax ‘to tackle white privilege’.
THEY CAN'T STOP LYING: Jonathan Gruber (remember him?) claims ObamaCare's problems are Trump's fault.
INTERSECTIONALITY: where competing liberal/progressive narratives collide.
FAKE LAW: How Trump-hatred warps the judiciary.
OBAMACARE V. TRUMPCARE: Liberals like to govern by emotion and anecdote; here's a logic and fact rebuttal.
DISTRACTED DRIVING FIX: a Faraday cage in your car. The only problem is the obvious one -- those most likely to use it are the ones least likely to need it. Now if the car won't start until all emitting devices (i.e., cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) are closed within it ....
SORRY, TECHNOCRATS AND POPULISTS NANNY-STATERS — "Bob still controls his own life more than you do. Pretending he doesn’t helps you far more than it helps him."

The Nanny State isn't about help; it's about control.
WHY WORK? As if free food, candy, snacks, and soda pop from food stamps; public housing; and help with utilities, and even reduced cable TV fees were not enough, the city of Sacramento is giving people another reason not to work. Free cars!
SINCE GOODWILL WON'T TAKE THEM, I'll sell them to Nieman Marcus. And I'll easily make enough to fund my retirement.

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PRESIDENT TRUMP'S ANTIQUITIES ACT EXECUTIVE ORDER is an opportunity to end a monumental abuse of government power.
WHY I AVOID DEMOCRAT BASTIONS: You don't have to live in a cesspool to know what's in it.
WHY PROGRESSIVES CAN'T WON'T DO MATH: What you need to know about pre-existing conditions.
WHY OUR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES are hotbeds of stupidity: "The faculty least qualified to have an opinion on politics are the ones with the loudest opinions."
OBAMA AND COMPANY openly spied on thousands of American citizens as Obama abused national security concerns to spy on political opponents.
I am willing to bet that all this information and more is in the computers of the DNC and Obama's OFA organization. Part of ObamaCare's damage is it put everyone's medical information on computers -- which Democrats are ace at hacking.
That's a bet I wouldn't take....