Sunday, May 07, 2017

PROGRESSIVE 'SCIENCE': engaged in neither the pursuit of Fact nor the pursuit of Truth — only the pursuit of Power.
ONE CHART: all you need to know about 'climate change'.
CLAREMONT MCKENNA COLLEGE'S process for dealing with student rioters.

What a waste of pixels. A proper process is this: if identified on videotape or by other means, those student rioters should be immediately expelled with no chance of ever being readmitted, and no transfer of any academic credit to any other institution permitted. Period.
DOUBLING DOWN ON STUPID: Liberals furious that Ivanka is a real mother.

Question: would they be this upset if it were Ivanka's nanny dancing with her children?
CALIFORNIA proposes to tax space travel.

California just might want to reconsider. The only reason to launch from the west coast is to avoid overflying South America when launching satellites into polar orbit, and launch vehicles are now sophisticated enough to 'jog around' Brazil when launching from the east coast.

Vandenberg AFB will remain for military spacecraft, but commercial launches can - and will - migrate back to the east coast.
IF THERE ARE NO LAWS, THERE'S NO CRIME, RIGHT? Los Angeles Times op-ed claims sanctuary cities 'keep crime down'.
RIGHT NOW, it's good enough for me.
THERE ARE A LOT OF PIXELS spent on people helped by ObamaCare, but very few spent on those hurt. Here's one.
SOCIALISM, the 21st century diet plan.

In plain English, starvation. Venezuelans are starving.
GEORGIA 16: When Democrats can't win an election legitimately, they cheat.
TOP DEMOCRATS say Americans will 'die' from ObamaCare overhaul.

Like veterans have under President Obama's Veterans Administration?
CULTURAL APPROPRIATION: A Modest Proposal. No pizza for you unless you can prove your Italian heritage. And no Tex-Mex unless you're a native Texican.
SEGREGATION IS BAD and it's back.

There's a difference between segregation and self-segregation. If progressives want to wall themselves off from civil society, I'm fine with that.
NO SURPRISE: Most federal employees disapprove of Trump. Their jobs (such as they are) are at stake.
REP. RUBEN GALLEGO [D(UMB)-AZ]: GOP health care bill ‘going to kill people,’ so Democrats shouldn’t be civil to Republicans.

Let's get real. Gallego's claim that the GOP health care bill is 'going to kill people' is an assertion - a belief, not a fact. Whether there's a rational basis for that belief is irrelevant; it's still an assertion.

Now Gallego's 7th Congressional district includes Phoenix, where government-sponsored single-payer health care has already killed hundreds during the preceeding Democrat administration - and that's a fact.

So, Ruben, should we Republicans 'be civil to Democrats'?
WELL, PROGRESSIVES, you're getting what you demanded.

Hope you enjoy it....
TWENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER: LAPD still hasn't learned its lesson.

Liberals are condemned to repeat history....
BECAUSE THUGGERY: The NFL needs Colin Kaepernick a victim.
THEY ARE too cheap to pay their own medical bills. So they demand you pay them.
PALE RIDER, Part Deaux.