Saturday, May 06, 2017

NRA MEMBERS not up to the task of repelling tyrants. Tyrants, maybe not alone (but I wouldn't bet against); tyrant wannabees (like the progressive Left), easily.
None of us, no voter or official or institution, has yet to fully assimilate the fact that Donald Trump is president, that this unpopular and unpredictable man holds what has become the primary office of our constitutional system. He certainly doesn't make our jobs any easier: It is hard to read or watch his recent interviews without holding one's head in one's hands. And yet there he is. His daily presence is an accusation, a rebuke, an admonishment, a reminder that the country we thought we lived in might not have actually existed. The shocks of deindustrialization and the financial crisis, of unchecked immigration, multiculturalism, and the transgender revolution, of digital and social media, of inconclusive decades-long wars, of rampant heroin addiction seem to have made large parts of the country unrecognizable to those of us living in coastal cities and their affluent suburbs. Is our country really this divided, our politics this polarized, and our culture this degraded? Was 2016 not a fluke but a warning? What of?
"[A] reminder that the country we thought we lived in might not have actually existed." Is the liberal bubble beginning to burst?

Umm, probably not.
DEMOCRAT RUNNING FOR CONGRESS says climate skeptics should commit suicide. Presumably before voting....
BLACK COLUMNIST suspended from major paper for denying NRA is like ISIS.
I'D RATHER NOT KNOW WHERE. Porn star bitten by shark during underwater shoot.
'ROBUST' MEANS 'ONE': McAuliffe touts Virginia’s ‘robust health care system’.
IN MEETING WITH IVANKA TRUMP, [Planned Parenthood's] Cecile Richards shows her hand on abortion.
HILLARY CLINTON to launch 'resistance' PAC. "[I]t’ll be interesting to see what kind of donations the PAC gets with its founders fresh out of influence to peddle."
NEW FRONTIER IN “RESISTANCE”: Mailing your ashes to Congress after the GOP health-care law kills you.

I suppose that if you're in a Democrat stronghold, you can always vote absentee....
MEDIA BIAS WRIT LARGE: Trump threatens press freedom.

Ridiculous. And stupid.
HUH? Scientists ‘more confident than ever’ in global warming after studying the lack of it for 15 years. The article itself makes as much sense as the lede.
HEH: Wall Street bribes to Democratic women are 43% smaller than to Democratic men.

'Equality' is a sexist bitch....
ENVIRONMENTAL HYPOCRITES: Few things pollute the earth more than when leftists gather to protest.

I've been there - and seen how prodigiously they produce pollution for others to clean up.
SOLAR ENERGY PRODUCES JOBS -- but not much else.
POWERLINE'S Week in Pictures. My favorite is on the latest in environmental technology:

Now go see the rest (but be prepared for nightmares).

CALIFORNIA IS A MODEL — of exactly what not to do if a state wants to keep its young.
WHAT FANS of The Handmaid’s Tale prefer to ignore.

I don't think it's a 'prefer to ignore' matter. Rather, it's that progressives cannot comprehend that the comparison to Islamic culture is even relevant.
BREAKING NON-NEWS: Another post-election hate crime turns out to be fake.
ONE HUNDRED DAYS of #TheResistance’s humiliating failure.
WELL, HE DID ONE THING RIGHT: Montana Democrat rejects DNC help and embraces Bernie Sanders.

Too bad he didn't go for two....