Friday, May 05, 2017

NANCY PELOSI: Letting people keep money they earn is stealing.
Stay with me on this one Nancy: ObamaCare raised taxes and caused most working people to spend more money on shittier coverage. Repealing this ridiculous law means that working people will be able to keep more of their money. Also, offering a tax break means that working people will be able to keep even more of that money that they earn.

Poor people are not entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor. Letting people keep more of the money they earn is not stealing from poor people because that money was never theirs in the first place. See how that works?

Stealing and redistribution of wealth would be if the government passed a law that forced people to by a product from a private company at inflated prices so that same product could then be given for free to lazy people who have made shitty life choices. You know, kind of like ObamaCare.
I guess it's not stealing if, as the Democrats seem to believe, it's their money in the first place and your 'earnings' are just their generosity in not taking it all.
TRUMP TO BALTIMORE: You're on your own.

Let's hope the Trump administration sticks to its guns....
THE ARROGANCE OF BLUE AMERICA: Progressives cannot recognize that most Americans do not want to live the blue bourgeoisie’s preferred lifestyle.

And they don't recognize that they cannot live their own preferred lifestyle without Red America's economic enterprise.
MY REALITY IS THE ONLY REALITY: Berkeley student worries campus minorities would be traumatized by police.

Competing realities need not apply at Berkeley.

Making life difficult one day at a time.
CAN CALIFORNIA prove - or disprove - the existence of mass voter fraud?
YALE GRADUATE STUDENTS go on 'symbolic' hunger strike where they're allowed to eat.

It must be tough, no snacking between meals....

Increasing the anguish: Yale's College Republicans hold BBQ at protest site.
THE OBAMACARE REPEAL BILL coherently explained.
AMMO GRRRLL has a whole line of awesome products for poseurs or ironic hipsters.

Still cheap at twice the price.
JACK DUNPHY: Los Angeles Police Commission makes violent protests like UC-Berkeley more likely.
DON SURBER: Kicking Washington D.C. out of our school lunchrooms:
Under Barack Obama, Democrats took over school cafeterias. The Great and Power Ozzys in Emerald City would write the school lunch menus across the land -- ending childhood obesity, and creating a new generation of super Americans.

We wound up with the best-fed landfills in the world as many schoolchildren refused to eat their spinach.

Another Obama triumph Trumped.
AUDIT: University of California president hid $175 million. According to President Janet Napolitano, it was
“a prudent and reasonable amount for unexpected expenses such as cybersecurity threat response and emerging issues like increased support for undocumented students and efforts to prevent sexual violence and sexual harassment.”
More likely it was a slush fund to augment her and her minions already exhorbitant salaries.
ABOUT TIME: George Soros battles $10B lawsuit, familiar charges of wielding political influence.

Let it be only the first of many....
WHAT'S NEXT FOR THESE SNOWFLAKES? Library fines too stressful for Harvard students.

These twits should never have been allowed to graduate from kindergarten. And the Harvard 'administrators' should be fired.
"PEOPLE WHO TALK ABOUT CULTURAL APPROPRIATION un-ironically are self-identifying as idiots. They should be mocked and ridiculed mercilessly."