Friday, April 28, 2017

MOSSAD TO THE RESCUE: Can the liberal arts be saved?
#NOTFONDOFTRUMP AFTER 100 DAYS: "[I]t's way too early to declare Trump a success. But it seems to me he's off to a good start."
SHOWBOATING: federal judge suspends Trump’s unenforced ban on funding for sanctuary cities.
The ruling distorts the Executive Order beyond recognition, accusing the president of usurping legislative authority despite the order’s express adherence to “existing law.” Moreover, undeterred by the inconvenience that the order has not been enforced, the activist court — better to say, the fantasist court — dreams up harms that might befall San Francisco and Santa Clara, the sanctuary jurisdictions behind the suit, if it were enforced. The court thus flouts the standing doctrine, which limits judicial authority to actual controversies involving concrete, non-speculative harms.
Isn't it time to start impeaching activist judges?
SOUTH DAKOTA: Democrats are being crushed.

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: "[those] who don't understand history are doomed to believe whatever the experts tell them."
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Never meddle in the affairs of dragons. You are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
TRUMP: let's give Obama's land back to the states.

It wasn't your land to take, Mr. ex-President.