Thursday, April 27, 2017

KURT SCHLICHTER: I am a victim of progressive hate crimes.
As a person of absolutely no color who embodies an intersectional reality that includes my utter lack of genderfluidity and my unemployment-questioning, differently-veteraned, and non-pagan experiences, I am totally oppressed by progressivism’s hegemonic power structure.
My phallocentric feline friends are not amused, however.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Will 2020 be another 1972 for Democrats?
DEMOCRATS THROW ANOTHER CHILDISH TANTRUM: threaten to oppose bill to prevent shutdown if health care vote happens before Saturday.

It what they (and progressives, but I repeat myself) do.
CALIFORNIA’S LATEST MOVE to “fight the wall” [build it and be banned] is truly something out of La La Land.

Minority contractors won't be affected? 'Undocumented' construction workers won't be affected? Aren't these people part of California's protected class?
BREAKING NEWS FROM THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT: Living in a tiny house is 'poverty appropriation'.
SEN. STENY HOYER [D(UMB)-MD] blames $10 trillion debt increase under Obama on ‘big tax cuts’ and recession recovery.

Was I sleeping when Obama cut taxes during his 8-year administration?
HAH: Californians upset that they can’t sell their green energy homes. They should have thought of that before they signed up for the subsidies.
'CELEBRITY' CHEF ON MSNBC: "There’s no legal way for immigrants to actually enter this country." That will certainly surprise the legal immigrants my wife taught English as a second language....
GOOD GUY GAL WITH A GUN: Ohio woman shoots intruder after he tackles her in her elderly parents’ home.
SUCKERS! The progressive Left actually thought Obama meant all that anti-Wall Street retoric. And then there's progressive hero Bernie Sanders....

Anyone ever notice that the progressive (socialist) leadership always needs a little extra dispensation for their hard work of telling everyone else what to do?
PROGRESSIVES: petty, bankrupt, and vindictive.
ANN COULTER drops out of Berkeley speech.
Roger L. Simon explains that “this is because the conservative group Young America’s Foundation backed away, citing safety issues. The irony in all this is nothing looks worse for the left than a bunch of masked goons breaking university windows."
Actually what would be worse (for them) would be to be seen running in fear from patriots intent on pulping them....
ANOTHER REASON TO MOVE THE U.N. TO, SAY, RAQQA, SYRIA: U.N. warns that repealing ObamaCare may be illegal.