Tuesday, April 25, 2017

CARTOON OF THE DAY: the reason for 'Never Trump' anger....

LIVE FREE OR DIE: liberals want to kill free speech, so we patriots must fight back.

The First and Second Amendments to our Constitution are too important to surrender without a fight.
A DJ WRITES on the sins of the Social Justice Warriors.

It's long, but worthy.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS interviews President Trump and PowerLine's John Hinderaker takes note:
[T]he more I have listened to Trump and, especially, read transcripts of his speeches and interviews, the more I am impressed by the fact that if you look past his gee-whiz real estate developer style and his generally-overlooked implicit self-deprecation, what Trump is telling us is usually very smart.
Read the whole interview (first link).
WHY HE WON: Trump asked. I remember noting that, both in the primaries and in the general election. The other candidates, especially Hillary Clinton, didn't ask, they assumed (or demanded) my vote.
OXFORD UNIVERSITY HAS BECOME SNOWFLAKE U: Students who avoid making eye contact could be guilty of racism.

Linked from this Instapundit post.
BUT ONLY IF you run as a Republican.
SHARYL ATTKISSON’S 'Obama-era surveillance timeline':
[T]he kinds of intelligence abuses we’re hearing about now did not begin when Team Obama became concerned about Donald Trump. Attkisson says that in April 2009, just a few months into the Obama presidency, “someone leak[ed] the unmasked name of Congresswoman Jane Harman to the press” According to news reports, the Bush administration NSA had incidentally recorded and saved Harmon’s phone conversations with pro-Israel lobbyists who were under investigation for espionage. But it was during the Obama presidency that the information was leaked to the press.

Harman is a liberal Democrat. However, she was more hard line than most Democrats on national security. Perhaps more significantly, she was a political enemy of Nancy Pelosi.

There was also the case of Fox News’ James Rosen. In May 2010, the government secretly applied for a warrant to obtain Google email information regarding Rosen. Three years later, Fox News learned that the Justice Department secretly labeled reporter Rosen a possible “criminal co-conspirator” and “flight-risk” in obtaining warrants to monitor his movements, phone records, and emails in a leak investigation starting in 2011.

Moreover, although Attkisson doesn’t mention it, when James Rosen visited his parents he used their telephone to talk to one of his contacts. This led to the lead investigation being extended to Rosen’s parents. Creepy.

Attkisson herself apparently was the victim of surveillance after she broke, and persistently reported on, the Holder Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” scandal. In February 2013, remote intruders secretly download new spy software proprietary to a federal agency onto her work computer.
I think it's clear that the Obama administration 'weaponized' the federal government against its own citizens. What's not clear is whether the Trump administration can - or will wnat to - 'de-weaponize' it.
DIRTY JEANS: pre-soiled diapers for snowflakes.
BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump wants to get a man to Mars by the end of his administration.

IT'S TIME TO REOPEN INSANE ASYLUMS: Activist says having ‘genital preferences’ in dating is transphobic (whatever that means).
SCOTT ADAMS on the Trump resistance movement: Trump isn't Hitler; Trump is incompetent.

The Dumbocrats Democrats are having trouble keeping their memes straight.

It may take a while, but the identification is definitive.