Wednesday, April 19, 2017

YES. Too clean for our children's good?
BARNEY & CLYDE on the 80% rule. Unfortunately most of the 80-percenters I've come across have demanded 110% of their salary for their 80% contribution....
“It has become increasingly clear to me that there was widespread wiretapping of President Trump and his associates and that the underlying justification was pretextual — it was actually intended to spy on a political opponent.

The prior administration was so confident Hillary would win that they left their tracks uncovered....”

Read the whole thing.
CAGE MATCH: Mama Grizzly versus Fauxcahontas.

My bet is on Mama Grizzly....
PROGRESSIVES: Is this really the kind of world that you want?
TROLLED: The Huffington Post removes an article on banning white men from voting after discovering the author doesn't exist.

Progressives can be suckered into anything that meets their fantasy-world desires....
MIKE ROWE: "A plane is not a democracy." United Airlines passenger David Dao should have been dragged off the aircraft, cuffed, arrested, and spent a few nights in jail.

It makes me sick that he's in line for a lawsuit with a big payout.
OLD NEWS FOR LIBERALS: water flows uphill.
THANK GOODNESS: Georgia 6th District defeats Jon Ossoff.