Monday, March 20, 2017

DOUBLING DOWN ON STUPID: How will the police solve gun crimes if people are allowed to use silencers?

Gillibrand has been watching too many spy movies. I wonder if she realizes they're fiction.
WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Portland offers free “tiny home” to residents… if they let homeless people live in them.

Linked from PowerLine.
STEPHEN HAWKING believes a single “world government” may be the only way to save us.

Hmm. I wonder how long Stephen Hawking would have survived under the health care provided by a 'single world government'?
AND YOU GET THE BENEFITS OF METRIC SCALES: Fat Canadian snowflakes need no longer fear the terrifying judgement of gym scales.
COMPANY CEO makes job applicants take a 'snowflake test'.

DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN: ‘Best Way to Oppose Support Fake News Is to Watch Outlets Like MSNBC’. There. Fixed.