Wednesday, March 15, 2017

OBAMA’S WIRETAPS? With his record of promiscuous spying and politicized bureaucracy, it’s entirely believable that he was spying on Trump.
DAMNED FOOLS: Second travel ban halted.

President Trump should make it absolutely clear that if any terrorist comes to the United States during the duration of either of Trump's travel bans from any of the named countries and commits a terrorist act, he will immediately indict and prosecute all parties contributing to the restraining orders as accessories to the crime.

Being a damn fool shouldn't be a crime, but being a malicious damn fool should.

More here.
WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY Sean Spicer ambushed by woman in an Apple Store.

He should have told her to "Shut up and go to your room until you can behave like an adult."
ALONG WITH MOST OF THE FOOD: Michelle Obama’s school lunch program may be heading for the dumpster.

Good riddance.
SEEN ON A LOCAL CHURCH: "Mercy is not getting what you so richly deserve."
HERE'S A FEEL-GOOD STORY: He got a bad grade. So, he got the Constitution amended and now he's getting the credit he deserves.