Sunday, March 12, 2017


Taken from the comments at this post.
AMMO GRRRLL on 'doing without'.
IF TRUMP GOES TO WAR against the press, who wins? Both actually, assuming that the press learns its lesson about fair, factual, objective reporting. I have my doubts about the latter.
POWER OUTAGE: Another Obama-funded taxpayer-funded energy company goes bankrupt.
'DAY WITHOUT WOMEN' STRIKERS offered cutesy excuses to give their bosses. Just don't try it if you're not a feminist.
TOO MANY 'SCIENTISTS'. Not enough science.

Try reading it all. I failed.
WE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY: A Day Without Idiots.
LOS ANGELES TIMES puzzled at lack of Trump hatred. It must be terribly painful for the Timesmen Timespersons to learn that the rest of us don't share their zir hatred.
UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: These drinks makes me look racist.
YES, YOU CAN shoot down a drone - in Oklahoma.