Thursday, March 02, 2017

STAYING MUM: The bubble is thick in Manhattan.
DEMOCRAT SENATOR: Let’s confirm Neil Gorsuch and Merrick Garland together. The Democrats are bat-shit crazy - or desperate - or both.
EX-CLINTON VOLUNTEER loses job after swipe at widow of fallen SEAL.

About time. Liberals are finding out that if they live by the burn, they can die by the burn.
SURPRISED? New DNC Chairman Tom Perez is no ‘moderate’ at all.
TOO BAD TO CHECK: California secession movement leader lives in … Russia?

Russia East, meet Russia West....
ONLY IF HE PROMISES TO STAY THERE: Petition in France urges Obama to run for president (of France).

And promises to take the Hollyweirdos with him....
CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE to take up single-payer [healthcare] system. The faster to bankrupt the state....
DIVERSITY: just another name for 'victimhood'.
GO LEFT? Please. More here.
U.S. AIR FORCE to retire MQ-1 Predator drone in 2018. I've been retired longer than I thought; the Predator was 'cutting edge' technology when I was working in the field.