Sunday, February 26, 2017

PRESIDENT TRUMP'S defeat of meritocracy sure is sweet.
RANDOM THOUGHT: I wonder if the Washington Post realizes how appropriate their new tagline (where) 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' is to those of us who live outside their Beltway bubble?
THE WASHINGTON POST - where 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' - really, really likes regulation.

And really, really hates President Trump.
PUSH FOR CALIFORNIA SECESSION fittingly ends up in the comic section.
READ A GOOD BOOK: Another reason not to watch the Oscars.
THE SCOREKEEPER: Life is too short to talk to liberals.

It's a year later, and nothing's changed.
WHY IS A DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR outraged that Trump ceded power to states?

Could it be that he -- like most Democrats -- doesn't want to take personal responsibility?
THANK YOU, DNC for making Tom Perez the face of your party.
HE MISTOOK HIM FOR SOMEONE WHO GIVES A SHIT: Ivy League Student Claims Classroom ‘Trauma’ After Professor Refuses to Acknowledge White Privilege.
MORE good people with guns.
HOLLYWOOD is the Right's phantom menace.
By overestimating the importance of the entertainment industry in the political process, all we end up doing is inflating the egos of a bunch of worthless buffoons who already have way more unearned self-esteem than they need.
Piss 'em off; ignore them.
YOU DON'T SAY: Starbucks’ plan to hire 10,000 refugees is hurting its brand.
It’s weird how liberal boycotts of companies like Chick-fil-A and New Balance keep backfiring, while companies like Starbucks that push liberal agenda items keep taking a hit. Obviously, everybody is stupid but them!
Here's an example of the pushback:

But then I doubt that very many veterans would lower themselves to being a Starbucks barista....
DRAGON LADY surpasses 30,000 hours of flight time. Follow the links for more.
ANDREW NAPOLITANO: The chickens have come home to roost.
HEH: Even Lockheed Martin is fleeing California.

They should have kept their Texas facility....
A DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS became a 'teachable moment'.

It's only teachable if they learn from it - which I doubt. More here.