Friday, February 24, 2017

AT LAST: A website that allows Hillary alcolytes to live in their imaginary world.

If only they'd stay there. Here's the website. Go, and have a laugh.
MOM IS SHAMED for cake slice in child's school lunch bag. It's time for the school to get a healthy dose of "You mistake me for someone who gives a shit."
GOP TO NASA: Get off your climate change hobby horse and focus on space exploration.
SURELY YOU'RE KIDDING: Chelsea Clinton is Donald Trump’s most formidable Twitter foe?

It is in the entertainment section....
AND I THOUGHT THEY WEREN'T RELIGIOUS: Democrats come up with a practical way to “banish” Trump ... witchcraft.
NASA IS trying to make Pluto a planet again. From 9 to 8 to 110.

Warning: video leads with annoying commercial.
SAVE THE OIL: we're in for a 100,000-year cold spell.
THE PUSSYHATS call for a general strike. Will anyone (other than them) notice?