Sunday, February 05, 2017

FROM MY EMAIL: Have you ever wondered why folks in San Francisco appear so confused?

Consider this: Chief Heather Fong (left), is the first SFPD female, lesbian chief of police. Theresa Sparks (center), a former male, is president of the San Francisco Police Commission, CEO of a multi-million dollar sex toy retailer, and a transgender woman. Sgt. Stephan Thorne (right), a former female, is the first transgender male SFPD police officer. And their Representative in Congress is Nancy Pelosi.

Any questions?
THOMAS SOWELL RETURNS TO TOWNHALL to write on education at a crossroads: Part I and Part II. Read both.
Donald Trump might be more popular than you think.

Trump has already blown it.
History, I think, has shown that President Obama was both popular and wrong. President Trump, in my estimation, is going to be popular - and right.
TWIN STUDY: Astronauts suffer mysterious mutations in their DNA after spending just a year in space.
GRASSROOTS RAGE and the Democrats’ crackup. Except that it's not grassroots; it's astroturf. Bought and paid for by our 'ruling elite'.
THE DEMOCRAT 'SCHUMERNATIONS': "Perhaps they will summon the stupidity to filibuster a vote on Judge Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court as well, but I doubt they are that stupid."

I'm convinced that they are that stupid.
IS THERE ANYTHING TRUMP CAN’T DO? "Two weeks in office and lefties have embraced small government, federalism, and separation of powers. And now, religion!"
NASA’S NEW HORIZONS SPACECRAFT briefly fired its engine to refine its course for its next flyby target: Kuiper belt object 2014 MU69, which orbits a billion miles beyond the probe’s last target, Pluto.
THE WASHINGTON POST offers up another dumb post: Religious law may be coming to America. But it’s not sharia; it’s Christian.
CAN SELF-DRIVING CARS solve the bicycle problem? If running them over is a solution, then yes. If not, then my guess is probably not.

Read the comments; that's where the action is.
SCIENTISTS AT THE JAPAN AEROSPACE EXPLORATION AGENCY (JAXA) are testing an electrodynamic 'tether' - created with the help of a fishing net company - to slow and eventually de-orbit space junk.

It's an interesting concept, and certainly potentially useful, but it's not clear whether the tether was successfully deployed.