Monday, January 23, 2017

JOINT TACTICAL AERIAL RESUPPLY VEHICLE (JTARV) being developed to deliver supplies to soldiers on the battlefield.
LOTS OF FOLKS (including me) didn't read the instructions for the drones they got for Christmas. Rule 1 is "don't fly them near trees."
ANOTHER LIBERAL PROTEST impedes traffic. Mayor deBlasio certainly didn't make New Yorkers happy.
EXCELLENT! Anti-Trump protestors face significant jail time.
STILL NOT TIRED OF WINNING? Watch an airline throw a rabid hillary supporter off a flight!
IT TOOK UNTIL TODAY for the mainstream media to pick up this story; the MSM-reviled Breitbart News published it the day it happened.
A ROUNDUP OF ILLEGAL GUNS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. PROVES TELLING: strict gun control laws don't control illegal guns.

Kind of obvious when you stop to think about it, but then D.C. denizens have never proved too strong on thinking....
WASHINGTON POST ON MAXINE WATERS: Four Pinocchios only because 5 aren't available.
SCREAMIN' DINGO wins first place in international aircraft design competition.
The 2016 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Undergraduate Team Aircraft Design Competition called for aerobatic light sport aircraft meeting certain criteria. A combined team of aerospace engineering students from KU and Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology answered with its design for the Screamin’ Dingo.

The small plane comes in one- or two-seater models, can be built by the buyer or the manufacturer, and features detachable wings so the plane can be put on a trailer and driven to the runway if needed.
Will someone please build one for me?
A GREAT IDEA: Drug testing floated for White House press corps. I particularly liked the update about giving them more anti-psychotics.
WE'VE REMOVED SMOG FROM AMERICAN CITIES; now it's time to remove smug. Take note of the heavy dose of 'conservatives are evil' projection in the minds of the progressives.

Linked from Hot Air.
TEXAS GOV. GREG ABBOTT threatens to cut funding to [Travis] county over sanctuary city policies.

Heh. Travis county is essentially Austin, my former home. Follow through, Gov. Abbott, follow through. Make Austin livable again.