Saturday, January 21, 2017

THE U.S. AIR FORCE'S MYSTERIOUS X-37B SPACE PLANE has now spent 600 days in Earth orbit on the vessel's latest mission, and is nearing a program record for longest time spent in space.
AMERICA'S REACTION to the tyranny of the so-called experts.
America’s elite – that collection of puffed up mediocrities who until recently held the undisputed command of the heights of our politics and culture – is in crisis. Its unbroken track record of failure has finally stirred the rest of America from its coma. The normals are now hella woke, and the elitists are being hella rejected. Unused to accountability, the elite is in a tizzy over the way people are not only blaming it for its myriad failures but are taking concrete steps to restrict its power. It’s not just electing Donald Trump. It’s ignoring the media, ignoring Hollywood stars, and ignoring the cabal of “experts” who presume to tell us how to live.

And it’s about time.
No, it's well past time....
THE SCOREKEEPER on media's snowflake crybabies: "Mom dies, cry. A politician loses, meh."
ANOTHER MIDNIGHT REGULATION: the Obama Energy Department just outlawed your three-way bulb. So I'll just start using 150 watt (lumen equivalent) bulbs in all my 3-way lamps.
NEW PICTURES of Saturn, its moons and rings from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
MEMO TO THE PRESS: We don't believe you.
POWERLINE'S WEEK IN PICTURES, special edition. My favorite:
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