Tuesday, August 01, 2017

STOCKS SHATTER RECORDS, but don't give Trump credit. From the 'fake news' media (AP):
The stock market was also setting records under Trump’s predecessor. The Dow Jones industrial average surged nearly 150 percent over Barack Obama’s eight-year presidency. Trump has been in office for a little more than half a year, and the Dow has climbed 11 percent since his January inauguration.
Okey doke. So the DJIA climbed 150% during Obama's 8 years versus Trump's 11% climb in 6 months. But if that 11% rate of increase were to continue for two Trump terms, the DJIA will climb 531% (to 116,800) by 2025. How 'bout them apples, Edgar?

I know, I know - math is hard for journalists and social justice warriors (and again, I know I'm repeating myself).

I would also point out that history is also hard for those folks, for if the AP had looked back (as I did) they would find that the DJIA jumped 13% during the first 6 months of the Obama administration. Had that rate continued for Obama's two terms, Trump would have inherited a Dow Jones Industrial Average of 57,100.

The 'fake news' media would've had a better case if they were conversant with math and history. But that's too much to ask.

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