Monday, July 31, 2017


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DAMNED RIGHT WE DID: CNN Host says Trump voters staged a ‘rebellion against people like us’.
JAKE TAPPER TO BERNIE SANDERS: “How do you make it [health care] national if you can’t even get it in Vermont and California?”

Reply (summarized): "Well, that's different."
UH-OH: Eco-friendly light bulbs causing health problems?
UNEXPECTEDLY: California voted to go easy on criminals; got more crime.
HAS THE TIPPING POINT BEEN REACHED? The can can be kicked only so far before the road ends in a cliff.
CONSERVATIVE MOVE aims to help Republicans living in blue states move to states more aligned with their conservative ethos.

Heh. And I don't think it's a niche market either....
THE POLITICALLY CORRECT NATION is in a tizzy because the movie "Dunkirk" historically accurate.
THE HISTORY of Fusion GPS. It's not pretty.
THE BILL to permanently fix health care for all. It should be titled 'The bill to permanently get government the hell out of health care.

Read it carefully.
SO TELL ME AGAIN how that 'I' in FBI stands for 'integrity'.
HARD TO BELIEVE: Not even the engineering professions are immune to political correctness. Iowahawk has the right answer, but it would be futile - solving differential equations requires a brain; political correctness requires no brain.
PREDICTION: ObamaCare will fail in 2018: 1,332 counties in the United States will only have one health insurer on ObamaCare exchange in 2018; 40 counties will have none.

There are 3,144 counties or county equivalents in the United States; that means 44% - almost half - will no choice at all. That's not government health care?

Remember that it was government healthcare that killed Charlie Gard (but they did it kindly).
GOVERNMENT wrecked the gas can. and that's just the short list of wreckage.

Linked from Instapundit. Be sure to read the comments for even more wreckage. And don't forget the damage done to healthcare.
TOWNHALL: Of skunks and leakers.
[P]ursuing one's own political agenda, whether as a government servant or an elected official via 'leaks' is not only dishonorable and perhaps illegal depending on what information is being leaked, but it's also cowardly. The actions of a gutless and spineless individual. Lily-livered, craven and chicken-hearted also come to mind.
Comparing leakers to skunks is an insult to skunks.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

THE OBAMACARE DRAMA isn't over (yet).

Keep in mind that it was government healthcare that killed Charlie Gard (with kindness, of course).
What? Not Trump?

Thomas Sowell on Medicare.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
THE EXECUTIVE ORDERS that can end obamacare once and for all. Here's the key quote: "Throw in a third plank. Term Limits. Limit each member of Congress to two terms. One term in office and one term in prison."

My thought exactly. Make them pay for their graft and corruption.
PORTLAND MAN accused of sexually assaulting 65-year-old had been deported 20 times. And...
Multnomah County leaders and Sheriff Mike Reese wrote a letter to the community earlier this year saying, “The sheriff’s office does not hold people in county jails on ICE detainers or conduct any immigration enforcement actions.
They should all be arrested and prosecuted for, at a minimum, aiding and abetting criminal activity.
Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they already have it.

Here's my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose.

The most terrifying words In the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.

Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.

I have wondered at times about what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress.

The taxpayer: That's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination.

Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.

The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program.

It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.

Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed, there are many rewards; if you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book.

No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is as formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.

If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.
From my email.

And in case you didn't recognize them, they're all from Ronald Reagan.

DON SURBER: The elitist party versus the American party. So far, the elitist party seems to be winning.
HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Don’t send your kid to the Ivy League.
HIP HEALTH FREAKS think smoking is cool again. Why not? Smoking marijuana is just smoking cigarettes without the nicotine.

I'm pleased to report that I'm still ahead of the rest of the world; I predicted this would happen at least 10 years ago. It did take longer than I expected, though.
NEW YORK POST Why people are getting the hell out of the Northeast.

My son-in-law & daughter moved from Connecticut to North Carolina last year for exactly those reasons.
OF COURSE NPR is unbiased.

Now go see the rest.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

CAN YOU IMAGINE Michelle Obama doing this?

The most memorable moment from the trip in Israel of president Trump and the First Lady was probably that moment at the entrance to the house of President Rivlin.

Nechama Rivlin, President Rivlin’s wife, welcomed the First Lady Melania Trump at the door. As they were about to walk inside, Nechama whispered to Melania that she will do her best to catch up with the walking pace, but she might be a bit slower because of her medical condition which requires her to use an oxygen tank. Melania took her hand, looked at her and said: “We’ll walk at any pace you choose”.

And so they walked, slowly, gracefully and proudly, hand in hand.

That, is the moment I choose to cherish. That silent gesture has neither any political significance nor any colorful tone to it, but it is everything.

It is the hope we yearn for when we speak of peace;

It is the kindness we wish to protect when we speak of defeating terror;

It is the dignity we want to teach when we speak of stopping hate;

It is the friendship we pray for when we speak of our unbreakable bond;

In other words, this gesture encompasses everything that is good, kind and human."
From The Jewish Standard (George Deek) via my email.
JEFF JACOBY: another climate-change 'enthusiast'?

NO VOTER FRAUD? Don't be so sure.
THE IRS MAKES A SHOCKING DISCOVERY: it keeps re-hiring employess fired for cause.
DID THEY DEMAND HE NOT WRITE ANY MORE LETTERS TO THE PRESIDENT? Washington Post tracks down impertinent 9-year-old Trump fan.
ACTING ICE DIRECTOR hands idiot journalist his ass on a platter:

I just wish he had ended his answer with "So what would you call them? Undocumented immigrant tour guides?"
CALLING WILE E. COYOTE: Eco-alarmist scientists determined to make ‘climate’ kill everybody one way or another.

More from Instapundit here.
AN INTERESTING BIT OF HISTORY: America's first - and last - nuclear powered merchant ship.

I noticed Instapundit referred to the Savannah as 'her'. Isn't that a microaggression to assume the Savannah is female?
ISHMAEL JONES: The foundation of the Trump collusion story is false.
DON SURBER: McCain embodies what is wrong with DC.
WHERE ARE TAR & FEATHERS WHEN YOU NEED THEM? How bureaucracies creep into life-and-death medical decisions.

Linked from Instapundit.
THE FACE of government-run healthcare.
MICHELLE OBAMA: Some Americans never saw past ‘my skin color’.

That's because she flaunted it at every opportunity. She's just another victim in the snowflake brigade.
ERICK ERICKSON writes on creeping totalitarianism.

'Creeping' is the wrong word; it should be 'galloping'.
AMMO GRRRLL is microaggressed.
"THREE REPUBLICANS AND 48 DEMOCRATS let the American people down."

I remember thinking during the 2012 presidential election that America was on the tipping point to European-style socialism. Looking back, I was right: even with Donald Trump's election and the Republicans holding both Hoouss of Congress, it appears that the deep-state entrenched ruling-class bureaucracy is winning.

I hope I'm wrong.
JUST ANOTHER CRASH at the corner of intersectionality and intersectionality.
REGULATION NATION: mostly awful state licensing laws.

Don't worry; we're your ruling elite and we know what's best for you....

Friday, July 28, 2017

COMPETITIVE VICTIMHOOD: a culture of narcissism. One only has to take a brief glance at progressives to understand.
NATIONAL REVIEW autopsies the GOP's healthcare debacle.

The article is longish, and excellently written, but I disagree with the conclusion that Republicans now own healthcare and must do something. I'm sorry, but ObamaCare was broken before the election, and it's broken now: nothing's changed. The Republicans tried to fix it, and were obstructed in their efforts by the Democrats at every turn.

No, the Democrats own Obamacare. The Republicans should make that perfectly clear, and tell them "Now it's your turn. Propose legislation to fix ObamaCare and let the Republicans critique your legislation. You only need 12 Republicans in the Senate and 24 in the House to enact your legislation, assuming President Trump won't veto it."

Let them be condemned to their turn at being Sisyphus.
HERE'S A winning political bumper sticker. One I think I can support....
THE CANNABIS CANDIDATE: Gavin Newsom for California Governor.

Instapundit comments: "You don’t have to be stoned to support Gavin Newsom, but it helps."
A VERY PLEASANT THOUGHT: ICE may be getting ready to arrest some sanctuary city mayors.
MORE TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Couple splits over political views.

Good news for divorce lawyers, I suppose....
FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY: the world has hardly changed.
HBO: programming for left-wing fantasy.

You're welcome.
BREAKING: Star Trek is racist.
AS IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS: New York City would like a word with (and money from) your pet sitter.
I'VE BEEN READING A LOT ABOUT Gramscian damage and critical theory lately, so I decided to take a quick look at their meanings.

You can look them up at the (Wikipedia) links above, but here's my quick take: 'Gramscian' is obfuscatory shorthand for 'Marxist', and 'critical theory' is a SJW-speak explanation for 'why normal people hate us'.

For those who are truly interested, here's a longish article on Gramscian damage.
KURT SCHLICTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Pick your battles carefully.
TWEET OF THE DAY: Vox, refugees, and ObamaCare in two short sentences.
AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF OBAMA, this Trump Executive Order is overdue: Taking the Defense Industry Seriously.
HOW ABOUT 'Repeal AND Replace' on both sides?
HE FIGHTS. 'Nuff said.
PORTLANDIA: "[W]hen I came out as transgender, I lost two friends. When I came out as Republican, I lost 100 friends on Facebook."

The progressive Left bubble is nuts.
MAMA GRIZZLY BITES: Sarah Palin to subpoena 23 from NY Times in lawsuit.

The New YorkTimes may believe it's a mountain lion, but it chose the wrong grizzly. Watch until the end.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Trump's circular firing squad. My hope is that the shooting will continue until only Trump is left standing.
TOWNHALL: What's Behind 'Multiculturalism':
[C]ondescension is behind much of what passes for multiculturalism today. It takes a special kind of cruelty to watch other human beings suffer with afflictions and under conditions that have been solved elsewhere, and to call such detachment "cultural sensitivity."
Read it all.
DEAR TAXPAYERS: Thanks for housing non-existent tenants.

We're forever hearing from our (progressive) ruling class about how they're going to attack fraud, waste, and abuse - and nothing ever happens. That's because it's our money they're spending, not their own.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

TECHNOLOGY: Three reasons why Trump is backing exascale computing.

On the one hand, I'm having a bit of trouble comprehending the need for a computer capable of one quintillion floating point operations per second (an exaflop); on the other hand, from my life in defense-oriented R&D, I can understand the need to maintain a significant lead in basic science research.

I just hope funding this research doesn't impact 'blue-sky' research - think of the once-vaunted Bell Labs, where where William Shockley discovered the transistor effect in semiconductors and Claude Shannon 'invented' the field of information theory. While both were funded, at least in part, by defense-related grants, neither had any immediate or direct military application. Yet our current world of cell phones and computers wouldn't exist without them.
YEAH, IT'S WEIRD: Senate won't pass health care bill until House agrees not to pass it.
SCIENCE? OR 'SCIENCE'? Author fools scientific journals with paper about midi-chlorians.
ANY EXCUSE to disparage the Trump administration.
For all the people having a massive come apart this morning because the military won’t take transsexuals, get ahold of yourself. They didn’t want me because of asthma and bad feet! There is a giant list of reasons why they will refuse people, medical, mental, or other. Most of which have way less logistical baggage involved.

It is an organization that should be dedicated to killing people and breaking their shit, not a country club.

I’ve also heard Mattis is trying to get rid of all the useless sensitivity training and 28 hour PowerPoint presentations too. Because if it gets in the way of making war, it’s dumb.

It isn’t about just you. It is about the team. They got rid of that stupid Army of One slogan because it ain’t.
The link is here.
MICHAEL EDWARDS: Why I’m leaving UK academia.

Linked from Instapundit, who adds "It’s that way here, too. And it hasn’t made things better."
TOTAL BLACKOUT for facts which a non-corrupt media would find worth a mention:
Major cable news networks have given no coverage to the burgeoning scandal involving IT staffers to former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.
Reporting by the Daily Caller News Foundation has revealed that Wasserman Schultz's top information technology staffer Iman Awan was arrested Monday after trying to flee the country amidst investigations into Awan concerning banking fraud and a criminal cybersecurity probe. Awan wired over $280,000 to Pakistan after the FBI recently recovered multiple smashed hard drives from Awan's home.

Despite being blocked from the House computer network since February amid allegations of "committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network," Awan remained employed by Wasserman Schultz's office. He and four of his relatives have received $4 million by working for Democratic members of Congress since 2009.

Wasserman Schultz finally fired Awan on Tuesday, after he attempted to flee the country. His wife already fled to Pakistan with $12,000 in cash. Awan and his relatives had full access to the emails of the Democratic members they worked for, and Wasserman Schultz's password to her iPad she used while she was head of the DNC.
To quote Iowahawk, via Instapundit, "Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving".
ARE THERE REALLY 15,000 transgender people serving in the military?

Well, if by 'transgender' you mean everyone who ever thought "Gee, I wonder what it would be like to be of the opposite sex" then the answer is probably 'maybe'. Otherwise, no.
TURNING DOCTORS INTO CLERKS: Our progressive ruling class knows you better than you or your doctor.

I don't think so, and I want no part of 'progressive' medicine.
WOUNDED WARRIOR hammers purveyors of PC in the military.

Do you really want this idiot sharing a firebase in the middle of the Iraq desert?

Where is Cpl. Klinger when you need him?
COGENT COMMUNICATION: What is “Good” English?

Technical writing was bad when I was still working; my son tells me it's only gotten worse since Muriel retired.
PROGRESSIVE STUPIDITY INSANITY: a 'right' to a stable climate.

Uh, okay. Define 'stable'.
POWERLINE: Of tools and their toolkit. 'Tools' does not refer to those of the mechanical variety.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH: "The worse a government is at performing its basic tasks, the more energy it seems to spend on virtue-signalling and nannying."
MORE ON gas can follies. I originally wrote about it here, and here's another picture to illustrate the ignorance, arrogance, and bone-headed stupidity of the safety nannies who live in high-rise studio apartments and don't can't drive.

The small 1-gallon can on the left is actually almost useful for filling small tanks, like the lawn mower, but useless for even smaller engines like those on the chain saw or weed trimmer because you need two hands to hold the can and a third to stabilize the item being fueled.

The 5-gallon can on the right is totally useless. Think about it; one hand has to hold down the relief button on the spout; the other hand has to hold/stabilize the 30-plus pound can (gasoline weighs about 6 lbs/gallon). Note also that the 'safety caps' on the end of each spout interfere with putting the spout in the filler receptacle.

The can in the center is an old 'unsafe' 2-1/2 gallon can. It has no safety features at all, and actually sports an air vent on the top that can overflow if the can is tilted too far. I've never spilled a drop using it, filling everything from an automobile to the the smallest chain saw/lawn mower engine.

(Ed. note: I actually am beginning to have some small sympathy for the deep blue states of Oregon and New Jersey, whose citizens are too stupid to be allowed to fuel their own cars.)

UPDATE & BUMP: Today I refilled the gas tank (twice) on my UTV using the 'unsafe' 2-1/2 gallon gas can in the center - didn't spill a drop. The only spill occurred when using the 'safe' nonspill 5-gallon can on the right to refill the smaller can.
HE MAY HAVE TO: Trump can improve health care without Congress.
KURT SCHLICTER: Fire Robert Mueller, but be smart about it.
'NONE OF THE ABOVE' is looking better and better.
“TCHOTCHKES”? manufacturing hate for “Made in America”.
FOR DEMOCRATS, there's no fool like an old fool.

And they have plenty of those. Young ones, too, unfortunately.
DIRTY JOBS' MIKE ROWE against higher education? Absolutely not.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Swampland’s The Sewer's Ten Commandments.

Washington D.C. should be put at the top of the EPA's Superfund list of toxic waste sites.
ELIZABETH WARREN reminds the downtrodden on Martha's Vineyard that she's fighting for them.

Elizabeth "You didn't build that" Warren epitomizes the progressive Left: arrogant, elitist, ... and stupid.
IS IT TIME to move (some of) the Federal Government to the midwest?

I have a better idea: move the whole thing to the exact center of the largest of former President Obama's national monuments, accessible only by gravel roads maintained by the (federal) Bureau of Land Management.
BREAKING: California to require solar panels on all homes and windmills on all farms.

The difference between satire and Democrat orthdoxy can be very subtle.
OH, MY, a new class of victims: blocked by @realDonaldTrump on Twitter. The entitlement runs high in these loons....

Monday, July 24, 2017

DEMOCRATS' NEW SLOGAN: bad pizza slathered with 40-year-old ingredients and no meat.

Heh. I have a better slogan: "More spending. Less doing."

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

IT BEGINS: hundreds of Colorado voters withdraw registrations in wake of Trump-ordered probe of fraudulent voting. I wonder why, and I'll bet against it being worries about 'privacy'.
POWERLINE'S WEEK IN PICTURES has posted. My favorite is the California state bird:

I don't know where it nests, but it flies over like clockwork every summer....
NEW YORK TIMES’ DAVID BROOKS describes ordeal of lunching with a rube.

It simply doesn't occur to Brooks - or the writer/editor - that the so-called 'rube' might not share their taste in food. I wonder how they'd feel about sharing a burger with me at Sue's in Blue Ridge....
EPIC FAIL: The Left attempts a boycott against Melania Trump's dress designer; his response:
[T]he designer took the boycott and created a hashtag called, “#BoycottDG,” adding it to all of his posts on social media. He also ran with the idea and surprised his critics by creating a line of T-shirts with the hashtag on it.
Laughing at them while punching back; I like it.
Washington Post: Polar bears hurt by climate change could develop taste for humans.

Democrats should be safe....

Thursday, July 13, 2017

SENATE REPUBLICANS, give patients the Consumer Freedom Option.

I notice the Cruz amendment is in the new Senate bill, which is enough for me to support the bill. It's a step - a tiny step admittedly - toward going back to health insurance as opposed to health care.
IVANKA TRUMP’S ‘girlie’ dress shows she is not a feminist. Good Lord, doesn't the Left have anything serious to contribute?
THE SENATE is no longer a 'gentlemanly' institution. It's time to change the rules to reflect the Democrats' failure to observe civil behavior.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sexist Trump pays women more than men.

White House staff smaller, top heavy.
Winners, not whiners.
KURT SCHLICTER: Yes, they do hate America.
THE ATLANTIC publishes all you need to know about the Left.

From the link: "Sometimes, Donald Trump's victory in middle America isn't a mystery that's especially difficult to untangle."
MORE ON BILL DE BLASIO: remaking NYC in Havana's image?
TRUMP V. DE BLASIO - the president went to Europe to defend Western values, the mayor to scorn them.
THE FRUSTRATIONS of concealed carry. Not to mention the damaged seat back in my new car....
Of course one could legitimately use some other term. "Reality," "consequences," the "laws of nature," "economics," even "truth" will do. Through some process of increasing entropy, failed memory management, or unanticipated side effects, the status quo -- the one dominated by the Left -- is collapsing.
I'm not a religious person, but if "reality," "consequences," the "laws of nature," "economics," and "truth" are His attributes, then I'm okay with it.
IT'S TRUE: Liberals hate western civilization. (But they're afraid to live anywhere else.)
IT'S TIME to make the Left bleed.
YES, let's fix ObamaCare.
WHAT'S NEXT? Just grunts and interpretive dance? Mike Rowe [Dirty Jobs] comments.

My thought is that it's the only way progressives can communicate....

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ANOTHER SNOWFLAKE leaves the Ivied Halls after the real word intrudes.

Good riddance.
POWERLINE CONTINUES THE MOCKING with its Week in Pictures. My favorite:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets his share, too. Go see.

TROLLMASTER: Elizabeth Warren's challenger saddened she refused his gift of a DNA test.

Poor Fauxcahontas....
A SMALLER GOVERNMENT, at least at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And at the Veterans Administration. Maybe this is beginning to percolate throughout the federal government.
DAY CARE is more productive.
'GREEN' ENERGY: Monumental, unsustainable environmental impacts.

Unexpectedly, of course....
EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY [OK] to remove crosses, bibles & altar from campus chapel. At the demand of the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

THE LAWSUIT: Sarah Palin v. New York Times.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Gray Lady go bankrupt.
Soak-the-rich economics almost never works. As tax receipts keep sinking in Illinois, the safety net is tattered; the roads are in disrepair; crime is out of control in Chicago; and the state is home to some of the worst schools in the nation.

When you try to soak the rich, they leave; the state goes bankrupt; and it's the middle class that gets all wet.
I remember there was a proposal to divvy up Illinois and give the pieces to its neighboring states - didn't go anywhere because Illinois' neighbors refused....
IDIOTS: 'Anti-Fascists' applaud speech made completely of Hitler quotes.

Monday, July 10, 2017

BREAKING: Fake news causes climate change.
AN APOLOGY FOR WHITE PEOPLE: the absurdity of racial correctness.
TRUMP INSIDERS denounce democrat leaks. I like the idea of empaneling a grand jury to persecute, er, prosecute the leakers. But it would have to be outside the Beltway in some place like, well, rural Georgia so I could be on the panel.
DON SURBER: Another thing CNN got wrong.

The list keeps growing.
THEY'RE RIGHT: Majority Of Republicans believe colleges have a negative impact.

And there may soon be a surplus of Starbucks baristas.....
YES, CLIMATE CHANGE is settled science.

PRICE MATTERS! Who knew? And pay attention to the pro tip at the end....

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I ALMOST WISH I still lived in Virginia so I could vote for him: Gillespie Sends Out Explosive Tweet for Fourth of July.
NOW FROM THE DARK SIDE of Independence Day: "Being a Usaian." And "Happy 4th of July From the Left to America."

The first link is a possible future; the second is from those who wish to bring it about.
AND FINALLY: Offend a Liberal, celebrate the 4th of July.

In McCaysville, GA, on the Tennessee border with Copper Hill last Friday. That's a nearly full moon at the top of some of the photos.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
The rest of the Declaration of Independence is here.
POWERLINE: The eternal meaning of Independence Day.
SARAH HOYT: "I was born American, it just took me a few years to make it official."
Celebrate the Scars and Stripes
Happy 4th of July
Seen at our local church.
CHARLIE MARTIN: A Bunch of White Guys Got Together in Philadelphia and Guess What Happened?
ON THIS DAY in 1776....

Linked from Instapundit.

Monday, July 03, 2017

TWO SIMPLE FACTS WHICH ESCAPE MOST LEGISLATORS: You can’t tax your way to prosperity, and you can’t go on indefinitely spending money you don’t have.

'Most' legislators? I'd suggest the more relevant adjective is 'all'.
TWO DOLLAR GASOLINE: Yesterday I paid $1.999 to fill up my pickup truck. Have you huge a fracker today?

Saturday, July 01, 2017

ANOTHER UNIVERSITY NOT TO ATTEND: Student union president sparks controversy by saying she would like to ‘oppress white people’, everyone should read the Koran and that men and women must not be friends.

Luckily it's not a U.S. university (yet).

Via Instapundit.
MAXINE WATERS: Every American will die 2200 times if ObamaCare is repealed.

What are a few slipped decimal places when peoples' health is involved?
SPAMBOOBS: an email from "Melania" touting "Obama's homeowner bailout". It's obvious spammers think we're stupid, but that stupid?