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INSTAPUNDIT EXPLAINS why Tucker Carlson's new show is so popular. The full article is here.
HEH: YOUTH AND SKILL can be defeated by old age and trickery every time.
THE BAFFLER: Accidental elitism.

My take: You're too dumb to understand us, and we're not smart enough to explain it to you.

Also: The blog name 'The Baffler' is self-explanatory.
SNOWFLAKES GONE WILD: The 12 dumbest ever ‘bias incidents’ on America’s college campuses.
THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO SELL POLITICS INSTEAD OF COFFEE: Starbucks brand crashes after announcement of plan to hire 10,000 Muslim ‘refugees’.
YES, THERE IS intelligent life in the universe.
SHEPARD SMITH: CNN is not fake news.

He's right; it's not fake news, it's imaginary news.
BECAUSE THEY'LL BE FOUND OUT: Why professors object to being recorded.
OSCAR FAIL: Confusion reigns as wrong film announced as 'Best Picture' winner.

More proof that 'Hollyweirdos' are not just biased; they're incompetent as well.
PUNCHING BACK TWICE AS HARD: President Trump's proposed executive order on military militia rifles.

FEMINISM: seething with empowerment. Read the comments, too.
PLEASE EXPLAIN: Just who's intolerant?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

PRESIDENT TRUMP'S defeat of meritocracy sure is sweet.
RANDOM THOUGHT: I wonder if the Washington Post realizes how appropriate their new tagline (where) 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' is to those of us who live outside their Beltway bubble?
THE WASHINGTON POST - where 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' - really, really likes regulation.

And really, really hates President Trump.
PUSH FOR CALIFORNIA SECESSION fittingly ends up in the comic section.
READ A GOOD BOOK: Another reason not to watch the Oscars.
THE SCOREKEEPER: Life is too short to talk to liberals.

It's a year later, and nothing's changed.
WHY IS A DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR outraged that Trump ceded power to states?

Could it be that he -- like most Democrats -- doesn't want to take personal responsibility?
THANK YOU, DNC for making Tom Perez the face of your party.
HE MISTOOK HIM FOR SOMEONE WHO GIVES A SHIT: Ivy League Student Claims Classroom ‘Trauma’ After Professor Refuses to Acknowledge White Privilege.
MORE good people with guns.
HOLLYWOOD is the Right's phantom menace.
By overestimating the importance of the entertainment industry in the political process, all we end up doing is inflating the egos of a bunch of worthless buffoons who already have way more unearned self-esteem than they need.
Piss 'em off; ignore them.
YOU DON'T SAY: Starbucks’ plan to hire 10,000 refugees is hurting its brand.
It’s weird how liberal boycotts of companies like Chick-fil-A and New Balance keep backfiring, while companies like Starbucks that push liberal agenda items keep taking a hit. Obviously, everybody is stupid but them!
Here's an example of the pushback:

But then I doubt that very many veterans would lower themselves to being a Starbucks barista....
DRAGON LADY surpasses 30,000 hours of flight time. Follow the links for more.
ANDREW NAPOLITANO: The chickens have come home to roost.
HEH: Even Lockheed Martin is fleeing California.

They should have kept their Texas facility....
A DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS became a 'teachable moment'.

It's only teachable if they learn from it - which I doubt. More here.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

LEFT-WING MASSACHUSETTS TOWN trying to stop wind turbines. Didn't you know wind turbines are only for little people?
TRUMP’S BEST DECISION YET: I will not be attending the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner this year.
These arrogant, pompous, pampered soulless individuals declare that half of Americans are racist, sexist, and bigoted for voicing our political choice through Donald Trump. Yet there can be no doubt that the entertainment industry does more to exploit, degrade, minimize, and stereotype women than Donald Trump or any other industry ever has.

From Madonna and Miley Cyrus parading on stage with little to no clothing while grabbing their crotches and allowing fans to do the same, to movies that depict women as whores, sluts, and gold-diggers dependent on their bodies for survival, to the deplorable speeches of Madonna and Ashley Judd talking about their periods in a vile manner and talking about blowing up the White House, we must send these evil-hearted people a strong and distinct message that they do not speak for the women of this country and they are not the role models of our young daughters.

The wearing of pink does not negate the black hearts that these people have for our country and our Constitution. Nor does it negate the disdain and contempt they have for the American people and our political process.

In recent social media threads, the good people of this nation are calling for a full boycott of the entertainment industry for this unwarranted and outrageous display of petulant behavior. Some in the entertainment industry are mocking us saying, "Go ahead, we don't need you trailer trash racists."

That may be true, but these people do need our green dollars. It is important that we send a strong and powerful message to this group telling them to stick to their make believe jobs and to leave the politics of this country to the people, just as our wise and forward thinking forefathers designed.

The good people of this country are not asking you to give up movies. We are asking you to take two simple steps.

First, protest these groups by refusing to watch the Academy Awards on February 26. Simply change the channel or go for a walk with your family members and tell them how much you love them. Second, forward this request to as many friends as possible and post it on social media to get the word out.

This will only be effective if we show the same unity we exhibited during the election. Yet how powerful will it be when the ratings for the Academy Awards fall in the toilet. It is only for a couple of hours and requires very little effort. When this happens, the arrogant entertainment industry will understand just how insignificant and powerless they are.

I am so proud of my fellow Americans who stood up and said, "Enough is Enough." Michelle may have only been proud of this country once in her life, but we the patriots have never lost our love and pride in America. The left is now up to their old tricks trying to bully the rest of us into feeling guilty.

Let them know that their selfish, vulgar, and unpatriotic behavior over this past week will not be tolerated. Let them know that we will not be silenced and that we are no longer going to be shamed for what we believe. We must continue the fight. We must shut them down now. We must show them that America will be great again no matter how filthy and disgusting they become.
Sent to me by a female friend of many years.
NASA TELESCOPE reveals largest batch of Earth-size, habitable-zone planets around single star.

Earth-size. But are they Earth-like?

DEAR TEACHER: you are NOT a condescending jerk.

Oh, yes. Yes, you are....
THE GHOST inside your haunted head.
TUCKER CARLSON TO DNC SENIOR ADVISOR: Is your gender whatever you say it is?

They're always bewildered by Tucker; progressives come to his show completely unprepared for common-sense questions from outside their imaginary world.
THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE PROTESTERS ARE GONE. Their garbage is not. Would you expect anything else from these progressive 'environmentalists'?

Update: They did win a coveted forever green weenie.
PRESIDENT TRUMP has been far too nice to the mainstream media.
THE LEFT KEEPS showing off their civic ignorance. I wish it were just their civic ignorance they keep showing off ... but then, they're edjumakated.
HE WAS IN THE BACK SEAT OF OBAMA'S CAR: McCain drives into the ditch.
THE IMAGINARY WORLD of safe spaces and safe search.

Friday, February 24, 2017

AT LAST: A website that allows Hillary alcolytes to live in their imaginary world.

If only they'd stay there. Here's the website. Go, and have a laugh.
MOM IS SHAMED for cake slice in child's school lunch bag. It's time for the school to get a healthy dose of "You mistake me for someone who gives a shit."
GOP TO NASA: Get off your climate change hobby horse and focus on space exploration.
SURELY YOU'RE KIDDING: Chelsea Clinton is Donald Trump’s most formidable Twitter foe?

It is in the entertainment section....
AND I THOUGHT THEY WEREN'T RELIGIOUS: Democrats come up with a practical way to “banish” Trump ... witchcraft.
NASA IS trying to make Pluto a planet again. From 9 to 8 to 110.

Warning: video leads with annoying commercial.
SAVE THE OIL: we're in for a 100,000-year cold spell.
THE PUSSYHATS call for a general strike. Will anyone (other than them) notice?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SALLY KOHN: Five short steps to making Hillary Clinton the president. Except for that pesky constitution thingy and the fact that Republicans hold both houses of Congress....

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

CAN MOBILE HEALTH APPS AND WEARABLES actually make people sicker?

Common sense is a much better indicator of illness, but it's clearly in short supply these days.
Leonardo DeCcaprio's self-declared climate expertise enables him to speak on the world's environmental issues with a high-school education. He never took a college biology, chemistry, physics or climatology course, yet he knows more than most scientists. He proved that by addressing climate change before a full gathering of the UN.

Sean Penn's quick takes on everything put him at the lofty level of an Einstein. He visited Iraq once and became an expert on that country. The same for Iran. He also became buddies with the brutal Venezuelan communist Hugo Chavez and consistently lauded that murderous thug. Now that Chavez is gone and Venezuelans are raiding dumpsters for food scraps, Penn is having a rare silent moment. Penn deserves some credit for becoming a world-affairs genius based on two years of auto mechanics classes at Santa Monica College.

Katy Perry's passion about politics and economics freed her to quit high school at 15 without compromising her expert status. Asked the square root of 64, the name given the Constitution's first 10 amendments and to explain PE ratio, her answer might be, "Republicans are for the rich." She recently demonstrated wizardry by making an anti-Trump video. It suggested the new president would commit acts similar to forced World War II lockups of loyal Japanese-Americans. Perry probably did not know the internment plan was developed and executed by DEMOCRAT President Roosevelt.

Robert DeNiro must also be a quick learner. He acquired amazing scientific knowledge before dropping out of high school. He knows so much about geology that he joined Artists Against Fracking. (All the producing wells in his native Manhattan must have provided first-hand experience.) He's also an expert on pediatric medicine, enabling him to speak often against vaccinating infants and children.

Harry Belafonte is another multiple-subject whiz who needed little formal education. Some people might think this talented singer might limit his words to songs since his IQ is so low. Don't worry. Despite advancing age, he remains expert on most things. When black people of greater intelligence (that's most black people) say something moderate or conservative, he hurls the N word at them. Decades ago, he loudly denounced Reagan's elimination of CETA, the Comprehensive Employment Training Act. It was one of the most wasteful federal programs ever -- many vanished dollars, few jobs. Belafonte tore into Reagan during an interview Finally, the interviewer asked Belafonte what CETA stood for. Belafonte had no clue. He knew almost nothing about the act.

Rosie O'Donnell was my personal favorite long before her hateful remark that Trump's 10-year-old son looked autistic. Her coarse philosophy must be that if you say something loudly, it need not be correct. Her bombast probably created lots of turmoil with both the women she "married." She also must have skipped chemistry during her high-school education. Otherwise, she would have not have offered "proof" that 9/11 was an inside job. She often bellowed that planes could not have brought down the Twin Towers because "steel doesn't burn." This constant jackass must not know that high temperatures DO reduce steel's strength.

Al Sharpton would be America's greatest at-large criminal, if not for Hillary's tens of millions swapped for influence and favors. Sharpton owes nearly $5 million in delinquent taxes to IRS and New York state. Makes you wonder why NBC/MSNBC would ever hire him. Sharpton accumulated vast theological knowledge by age 9, when he was "ordained" as a preacher. He didn't need more than a high-school education to keep marching forward. His most successful high school class must have been Shystehood. Despite one scandal after another, his 2004 run for president stands out. The Federal Election Commission forced him to return $100,000 in taxpayer money provided by FEC. One of many abuses was his $145,146 charge for "Campaign letter preparation -- Kinko's." Later, FEC fined Sharpton $285,000.

Julia Roberts proves that physical beauty does not ensure a beautiful brain. She had a fling at Georgia State University before pursuing acting lessons and joining a modeling group. Her acting and modeling skills guided her to such thoughtful observations as "Republican" comes between "reptile" and "repugnant" in the dictionary. Impressed?

Brooke Shields, an Obama supporter, verifies the Roberts theory -- that physical beauty does not guarantee a beautiful brain. During her days as a boisterous animal-rights supporter, Shields had a mink coat custom-made.

Bruce Springsteen could have been No. 1 on this list. He squabbled with nuns when in Catholic school. Transferring to a public school, he thought so little of the education experience that he skipped graduation. Had he gone to college, he might have majored in Hate 101. That's what we hear when he's not singing. He claims Trump is a "moron" who advocates "white nationalism." Springsteen demonstrates the analytical skills' void of most show-biz folk when he laments America's industrialization decline. Somebody please whisper to Springsteen that his party's business-crunching regulations and world-leading corporate tax rate compels U.S. manufacturers to go elsewhere.

Finally, two others are outside the entertainment world, disqualifying them from winning an Oscar, Emmy or Grammy. Politicians Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters do compete for the Rock Head of the Year trophy each time they speak. Pelosi frequently wins with comments like needing to pass a bill "so we can find out what's in it." Waters has already locked up the 2017 trophy for suggesting a Trump impeachment over his campaign antics. (Listen closely, Maxine. Presidents can be impeached only for what they do in office.)
From my email.
LOOMING CONFRONTATION? Deadline approaches for Dakota pipeline protesters to leave site.

The best way to chase them out is to tell them that if arrested they will be made to clean up the garbage they've left behind.
BREAKING CLIMATE NEWS: Climate models are warming Earth two times faster than reality.
SOCIALISM: More effective than Nutrisystem.

Monday, February 20, 2017

ACADEMIC ABSURDITY OF THE WEEK: “Designated unfunniness”.

[Academic?] progressives have dug their 'idiocy hole' so deep they're in danger of emerging in China....
JUST WHEN YOU THINK progressive idiocy has reached its nadir, they power up the steamshovel and dig deeper: New campaign seeks to end use of black targets at gun ranges.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

IT'S NOT FAKE NEWS; it's imaginary news. I like the term 'imaginary news' - it fits. As I have long asserted, the liberal connection with reality is tenuous at best.
AMMO GRRRLL on the best places for single women to meet men.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

THE MACHETE: a replacement for the A-10 Warthog?
WHAT PROGRESSIVES should learn from ObamaCare: "Government's power to do good is limited, and heavy-handed regulation habitually proves counterproductive."
A REMINDER for those upset with the Trump administration's contact with the Russians: Obama’s secret communications with Iran's mullahs undermined George W. Bush's foreign policy in 2008.
WE'RE BLACK, AND WE DESERVE FREE STUFF: Wisconsin student group demands free tuition for black students.
ABOUT TIME: Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, mastermind behind 1993 World Trade Center attack, has died. Now feed him to the fishes.
POWERLINE'S WEEK IN PICTURES: media meltdown edition. My favorite:

And even the fruits favor Trump:

Leaving the nuts and [snow]flakes behind....
EMPLOYEES DON'T LIKE social justice warriors as CEO's.

Employees are smart; social justice warriors are not.
WASHINGTON POST: We aren’t biased!

They're battening down the hatches in RealityWorld....
ANOTHER SIGN that ObamaCare exchanges are collapsing.

ObamaCare is dead. Don't bury it, cremate it.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, cite "religious freedom": “The mere presence of the oil in the pipeline renders the water spiritually impure.”
TRUMP WINS ANOTHER ROUND: IRS won’t reject tax returns that don’t answer health insurance question.
APPLE CEO TIM COOK: Fake news is 'killing people's minds'.

But who determines what is fake? The 'ruling elite' from their fantasy-world bubble? Or the 'little people' who live outside that bubble? I vote for the 'little people'. We're not the knuckle-dragging Neanderthal morons; they are.
THEIR 'OPEN' MINDS ARE OPEN ONLY TO THOSE WHO AGREE WITH THEM: The academic left has learned nothing.
ANOTHER OBAMACARE FAILURE: Humana to drop out of ObamaCare completely in 2018.

ObamaCare is no longer in a death spiral; ObamaCare is already dead.
THERE IS AT LEAST ONE SANE CALIFORNIAN: Emergency intervention needed in California now.
TELL HIM TO FIX IT HIMSELF: California Governor Jerry Brown has requested federal aid from President Trump to deal with the Oroville Dam failure.
TRUMP IS RIGHT: Settlements don't impede peace.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

TURNING INSECTS into cyborg drones.
ONLINE: the accelerating pace of change in higher education.
[A]s the revolution proceeds, it will weed out lots of really useless and even harmful “higher education.” When students can do much if not all of their learning online, choosing among competing programs and courses, the lock that lazy and/or politicized professors had on students who had no choice but to take what their college offered will be broken. Higher education will cost less in the future and much of the current junk will be swept away.
Which, I hope, will be the enduring legacy of this education revolution.
TWITTER ACCOUNT mocks academic absurdity.
THE NFL ACCELERATES ITS RATING SLIDE: joins with social-justice warriors in the transgender bathroom brouhaha.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: California goes Confederate.

Progressives are what they hate.
SAVE TAXPAYER MONEY: automation can replace bureaucrats.

Automata can be hacked, but it doesn't leak.
KARMA'S A BITCH: Sneering DNC-MSM loses it when Trump calls on CBN and Townhall’s Katie Pavlich.

I was watching and noticed as well. Nearly spilled my popcorn....

A NEW YORK TOY MAKER is set to debut what it says is the first transgender doll available on the market.
The toy will have a genderless plastic mold typical of most dolls, is being tested for children eight years and older, and is expected to sell for $89.99.
So how do they know it's transgender?
RICHARD BRANSON (VIRGIN AIRLINES) SENDS A PRIVATE JET FOR THE OBAMAS so they can discuss how everybody is going to die from fossil fuel emissions.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the State of California, et al., v. Donald J. Trump, President of the United States.
A parody? Are you sure?
NEW YORK CITY MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO, who supports laws to limit the size of sugary drinks New Yorkers can buy, calls President Trump's tough stance on sanctuary cities a 'federal overreach'.

I don't think de Blasio knows what overreach means....
COURT OKS FEDERAL OFFICIALS taking control of private lands to save endangered frogs that don’t live there.

Just in case they might come back....
FOSSIL FUEL DIVESTMENT fails again. Frankly, I wish they (and their academic counterparts) would divest. I'd make more money, and the environmentalists would get to enjoy the (polluting) wood fires and meager pensions they so richly deserve.
HEH. GLOBAL WARMING is about to cause tons of environmentally conscious Standing Rock protestors' garbage to turn toxic. (Which may affect the drinking water the environmentalists are so concerned about.)
LIGHTNING FROM ABOVE: a 'first of its kind' video of mysterious blue jets of electricity.
POWERLINE'S WEEK IN PICTURES is a bit late again. Here are some of my favorites:

As usual, go and see the rest.
I'M SO OLD I remember when liberals opposed military coups.

Perhaps those liberals should read more Instapundit.
SORRY, LIBERALS, but religious-freedom bills don’t permit your bigotry.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

OBVIOUSLY NOT. NEXT QUESTION: Is the New York Times a serious news source?
AN INTERESTING THOUGHT: School choice keeps the peace.
AMMO GRRRLL on the astonishing level of nastiness unleashed by the Great Democrat Freakout.
HILLARY CLINTON: femme-a-gogue.
CARGO ROBOT follows you anywhere.

My question: can you arm it?
JEFF JACOBY: Is that sermon political?

If it were up to me, I'd restrict any organization taking government money from political speech.
THANKS, BUT I HAVE CATS: turn your smartphone into a mousetrap.
DON SURBER: a preview of Elizabeth Warren's 2020 bid for the presidency?
WHAT BETSY DeVOS should have said when she became the Secretary of Education.
DON'T PROGRESSIVES have anything better to worry about?
I'VE GOT MINE; now go away.

Monday, February 06, 2017

NANCY PELOSI AND GUN CONTROL GROUPS claim that Neil Gorsuch sides with ‘felons over gun safety’.

So they lie ... what's new?
I'VE LONG ARGUED that the Democrats/liberals are exactly what they accuse Republicans/conservatives of being. Here's another example.
THE MEDIA LIED about a Trump military takeover of Chicago.

Lied? Oh, come now - the media never lies....

THIS COULD BE INTERESTING: Florida bill would make businesses who ban guns responsible for customers’ safety.
REMINDER: Women are warriors too.

From my email.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

FROM MY EMAIL: Have you ever wondered why folks in San Francisco appear so confused?

Consider this: Chief Heather Fong (left), is the first SFPD female, lesbian chief of police. Theresa Sparks (center), a former male, is president of the San Francisco Police Commission, CEO of a multi-million dollar sex toy retailer, and a transgender woman. Sgt. Stephan Thorne (right), a former female, is the first transgender male SFPD police officer. And their Representative in Congress is Nancy Pelosi.

Any questions?
THOMAS SOWELL RETURNS TO TOWNHALL to write on education at a crossroads: Part I and Part II. Read both.
Donald Trump might be more popular than you think.

Trump has already blown it.
History, I think, has shown that President Obama was both popular and wrong. President Trump, in my estimation, is going to be popular - and right.
TWIN STUDY: Astronauts suffer mysterious mutations in their DNA after spending just a year in space.
GRASSROOTS RAGE and the Democrats’ crackup. Except that it's not grassroots; it's astroturf. Bought and paid for by our 'ruling elite'.
THE DEMOCRAT 'SCHUMERNATIONS': "Perhaps they will summon the stupidity to filibuster a vote on Judge Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court as well, but I doubt they are that stupid."

I'm convinced that they are that stupid.
IS THERE ANYTHING TRUMP CAN’T DO? "Two weeks in office and lefties have embraced small government, federalism, and separation of powers. And now, religion!"
NASA’S NEW HORIZONS SPACECRAFT briefly fired its engine to refine its course for its next flyby target: Kuiper belt object 2014 MU69, which orbits a billion miles beyond the probe’s last target, Pluto.
THE WASHINGTON POST offers up another dumb post: Religious law may be coming to America. But it’s not sharia; it’s Christian.
CAN SELF-DRIVING CARS solve the bicycle problem? If running them over is a solution, then yes. If not, then my guess is probably not.

Read the comments; that's where the action is.
SCIENTISTS AT THE JAPAN AEROSPACE EXPLORATION AGENCY (JAXA) are testing an electrodynamic 'tether' - created with the help of a fishing net company - to slow and eventually de-orbit space junk.

It's an interesting concept, and certainly potentially useful, but it's not clear whether the tether was successfully deployed.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

POWERLINE'S WEEK IN PICTURES: Trumpmania continues. I have two favorites this week,

but there are many more. Go see them.
NO MEN NEED APPLY: Women's car service should be welcomed, not sued.
ROBERT REICH: the Berkeley riots were a Breitbart 'false flag' operation.

The Left is getting so desperate they're throwing their wet dreams against the wall hoping something might stick.
DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE protest leader charged with inciting a riot.

It looks like the Native American tribes have come to their senses and begun to distance themselves from the protestors.
HEH: Liberals can't whine fast enough to keep up with President Trump.
NASA’S CASSINI SPACECRAFT gets close-up photos of Saturn’s rings.
Trump erased all mentions on the White House web site of “climate change.” He did that within ONE HOUR of taking the oath of office.

Trump returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the oval office along with the bust of MLK.

Trump signed an Executive order withdrawing America from the TPP treaty.

Trump erased all Spanish language from the White House web site. It is now “English Only.”

Trump issued an Executive order starting the construction of “THE WALL.”

Trump ordered all federal agencies to stop issuing regulations immediately until the rule is reviewed and approved by the new president’s appointed agency head.

Trump issued an Executive order banning funding to foreign pro-abortion groups.

Trump's new Secretary of Defense James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis took the fight to ISIS by bombing them 31 times on his first day as the new Secretary of Defense.

Trump announced a temporary ban on refugees from Syria and Middle Eastern war zones.

Trump imposed a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding new contracts or grants.

Trump announced a ban on visas from dangerous Muslim-majority countries with inadequate screening.

Trump announced the end of “Sanctuary cities” and the defunding of federal funds for any city that chooses to continue breaking the law.

Trump announced the hiring of 10,000 new border agents.

Trump signed an Executive order demanding the Secretary of Homeland Security publish a weekly list of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Trump signed an Executive order freezing the hiring of non-essential federal employees.

Trump said out loud the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Trump stopped payment on Obama’s final hour giveaway of $220 million to the Palestinian Authority.

Trump used Executive orders to give the go-ahead to the long-stalled Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines.

Trump fired the State Department’s entire senior management team.

Trump announced his intention to withdraw from climate & environmental accords along with UN funding cuts of 40%.

Trump tweeted “Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!”

Trump announced he’ll begin a major investigation into voter fraud in the 2016 election.

Trump tweets “If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible “carnage” going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!”

Trump's Border Patrol chief left the agency in frustration at having to actually do his job!

State Dept. Arms Control chief fired while on airplane byTrump, told to turn around and fly back!

Miami-Dade mayor orders jails to comply with Trump crackdown on ‘sanctuary’ counties.

Trump abruptly halts all Obamacare ads.

Trump signed executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights.

Trump signed an executive action to begin “a great rebuilding of the armed services of the United States”.

Trump signed an executive order suspending the entire US refugee resettlement program for at least 120 days while tough new vetting rules are established..

Trump ordered that persecuted Christians be given priority when it comes to applying for refugee status in the United States.
From my email.
HOW TO IDENTIFY A BETA MALE: NY fashion designer debuts anti-Trump, pro-militant menswear line.

AMMO GRRRLL: One sane woman’s take on locker-room talk, from boys and sort of grown men.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

THEY'RE CALLED PROGRESSIVES: Who knew there were so many homophobic, racist xenophobes at Berkeley?
CALIFORNIA VOTER REGISTRATION SYSTEM is 'highly susceptible' to fraud.

Hmmm. Since California supplied the 'popular vote' margin for Hillary in the election, are you still sure that Donald Trump didn't win the popular [citizen] vote as well?
THE LIBERAL TRANSLATION GUIDE: 20 more translations of things liberals say.

AND NOW: Answering 20 questions from liberals about deplorables conservatives.
INSTAPUNDIT and his Army of Davids.
[THANKFULLY EX]-PRESIDENT OBAMA said when leaving office that he would offer his successor the same courtesy that George W. Bush gave him by sparing criticism. Obama’s pledge to remain on the sidelines lasted just over a week.
NOT THE LEFT: Who stands with Milo?
THE CANDIDATE of the socially disconnected is governing alone. Nope. It's just that the "socially disconnected" had to go back to work.
#ALL_MEN_CAN: Beta gamma males unite for ... something.
A TEA PARTY FOR PROGRESSIVES? Left steals an idea from the Right.
This all sort of stems from the disappoint and despair that we all felt after the election," explained Angel Padilla, ... who previously worked for Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.

To us it's not really about the party; it's about the things that we value.... As former staffers, we don't have many skills [my emphasis], but we know how Congress works," Padilla said, quoting ... Ezra Levin, who worked for Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas.
Well, they certainly got the skills part right. And they would be better off if they actually did model the real Tea Party instead of their massively distorted image of the Tea Party.
MELANIA TRUMP 'barely speaks English'. Chelsea Handler is partially correct -- "progressive" is not among the 5 or so languages she does speak.
DEMOCRATS RETREAT: "Let them eat intersectionality!"

Linked from Instapundit.

MORE: Brock's bridge to nowhere. Which is where the progressive element of the Democrat party belongs....
FORMER PRESIDENT OBAMA ranks among our least popular recent presidents, behind, among others, George W. Bush and Richard Nixon.

But he did beat out Jimmy Carter ....
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The nihilism of sanctuary cities:
[T]here are no consistent principles: sanctuary cities would never allow their precedents to apply to other jurisdictions that did not share their own liberal pieties. They believe federal law is omnipotent for everyone other than their own exalted classes, and they believe that borders, jurisdiction, and the sovereignty of laws are a good thing -- but only to the degree that they enhance their own utopian worldview.
Democrats progressives in action.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

GOOD FOR HIM: Trump makes unannounced trip to honor fallen Navy SEAL.
KELLYANNE CONWAY trolls Meet the Press.
IN CALIFORNIA, sanctuary cities may just give way to a sanctuary state.

Let's be sure to thank them when President Trump cuts off all California's federal funding.
REMEMBER - DAVID SLEW GOLIATH: "He [Trump] really has no one but those who voted for him".

And our little band of happy warriors will do the same....
AS USUAL, the welfare Left needs government to clean up after them.

No wonder their parents keep them in the basement.

UPDATE: Protestors save the environment by creating an environmental disaster.