Friday, December 16, 2016

KEEP DIVING, VOX: the deep end is down there somewhere.
MORE OF Heinlein's 'Crazy Years'.
FAA TO SANTA MONICA AIRPORT: Sorry, but you can't evict tenants just because they're 'politically incorrect'.
If the evictions go forward, the city plans to replace Atlantic and American Flyers with its own municipal aviation company and sell bio-fuel for jets and unleaded gas for propeller planes to reduce aircraft emissions. Federal law allows governments that operate airports to provide services themselves instead of relying on private companies.

The cease-and-desist order states that Santa Monica’s “unremitting effort” to remove critical aeronautical services and its “hostility” to the sale of leaded fuel still needed by many aircraft is “a clear contravention of law.”

The order notes that general aviation aircraft, business jets and turboprop aircraft cannot operate using the fuels approved by the City Council. It further states that the city has no desire to provide all the services offered by the companies, such as flight training.
ANOTHER VICTIM in the progressives' war on small business.
PITCHING IN to preserve aviation history.