Thursday, December 15, 2016

THOMAS SOWELL: Post-election, where are we?
A REPUBLICAN PARTY VICTORY: Pelosi clings to power.
ASCOT-WEARING, WINE-WIELDING, ANTI-TRUMP GRAFFITI LAWYER gets punished. Not enough. He should have been fired.
THE 404 ERROR MESSAGE: how the world-wide web came to be.
THE HIGHER EDUCATION ESTABLISHMENT: It's not about students; it's about us.
ANOTHER DIM DEMOCRAT attack on free speech.
OUR HOUSE every night. Still short by two after the recount.
THE CHILDREN are (still) having a tantrum.
IN PRAISE of crummy jobs.
WATCHING TELEVISION over the last month since the election, I think it's fair to say the Trump transition team's motto is 'Make Democrats Grate Again'.