Friday, December 02, 2016

TRUMP DERANGEMENT STRIKES DEEP: Vandal in blue blazer sips wine ... (while defacing an upscale grocery store). Click through to the linked story.
AFTER SIX MONTHS IN ORBIT, the Bigelow space inflatable habitat is holding up well.

Looking good for space hotels....
ACADEMIC ABSURDITY of the week. It uses our alphabet, but I don't think it's English....

From my email.
HMMM: I also missed last week's "Week in Pictures" from Powerline, with my favorite below:

There are others as good. Go see them.
AMMO GRRRLL RUBS IT IN: "If a celebrity threatens to leave, and nobody cares, is she still a celebrity?"

And in case you missed it (as I did), here's last week's contribution.
PROGRESSIVES have an over-shaming problem.
Writing at the Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf has an interesting piece today titled “Too much stigma, not enough persuasion,” which points to a problem problem Democrats seem to have developed on social media, i.e. an eagerness to shame and humiliate anyone who fails to be sufficiently in line with their own understanding of a given social issue. The problem isn’t disagreement, it’s the immediate resort to public ridicule at the slightest provocation.
The solution to this 'progressive' bullying is an immediate "You mistake me for someone who gives a shit what you think."
JEFF JACOBY: more eminent domain injustice.
At best, eminent domain is an unfortunate necessity — a last resort when land is needed for a public purpose, such as building a new school or a highway. But when government takes private property in order to benefit a private developer, or when it threatens to do so, it abuses its power and betrays the citizens it is supposed to represent.
Increasing tax base is not a public use.
ILLEGAL VOTING and what to do about it.

Maybe in a Trump administration....
CAN I HAVE ONE? 'Death Ray' rifle uses radio waves to knock out drones from more than a mile away.
GREAT NEWS: You can now pee on the sidewalks in San Francisco.
THANK YOU SO MUCH, little House Democratic caucus!

May we offer you another shovel so you can keep digging?
GOP CONGRESSMAN being considered for NASA administrator in Trump administration.