Thursday, December 01, 2016

ELECTROCEUTICALS: The future of medicine might be bioelectronic implants.
PJ MEDIA: An Open Letter to Donald Trump.
IT'S OFFICIAL: the EM drive appears to work.

A 'new frontier' for physics?
KURT SCHLICTER: Trollmaster Trump is driving liberals to new heights of fussy fury.
ASSOCIATED PRESS: The election's not over until we say it is.

Another view from the 'reality' world....
NASA REALIZES SLS and Orion are too expensive, and opens the door to competitors.

Good for both NASA and commercial space, I think. NASA research and technology development has made manned space affordable for commercial development and business has the resources to do it. They can and should, without government interference. NASA can then go back to its core competence, aerospace research and technology development.
FROM BULLY TO VICTIM: Obama plays the blame game.
A THOUGHT FOR DEMOCRATS: You are still crying wolf.

The author is not a Trump admirer, but he's accurately described the Democrats' problem. My advice to Democrats: keep digging; you'll get to China eventually....