Friday, November 18, 2016

REALITY IS KILLING OUR UNICORNS: London University students want white lecturers out, newspapers banned from campus.
AMMO GRRRLL on the Democrats' unsolicited post-election advice.
We won! So could we not have had ONE week of self-reflection before the Important People weighed in with their Open Letters, Ultimatums, and Non-Negotiable Advice to the President Elect? Particularly from the people who waged daily, snotty, sniping warfare upon him?
That's only the beginning. Read it all.
DANA MILBANK: Republican “fratricide” is right around the corner. I'm quite pleased by Milbank's prediction, because in the 10-15 years I've read the Washington Post, he's never been right.
OBAMA: "the lamest of ducks and the world still keeps letting him down."
REPUBLICAN GROUP endorses Pelosi for Minority Leader: "House Democrats have become completely irrelevant, and there is no better way to ensure that remains the case."

WASHINGTON POST ‘REPORTER’: If You ask questions about anti-Trump riots, you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.

I think it's the converse that's actually true.
THE HAZARD OF THE TRUMP TRANSITION: journalistic opinion disguised as news coverage.
LIBERAL SNOWFLAKES: quaking in their [designer] boots.
STUPID, BUT NOT THE LEAST BIT SURPRISING: Reporters spin furiously against Trump.
ANALYSIS, TRUE: "The 'party of the people' rarely shows any trust in decisions made by actual people."
MICHELLE MALKIN: The slacker mandate and the safety pin generation.
HOW STUDENTS AND PROFESSORS used to respond to real adversity.

No more now that whining is in vogue.