Monday, November 14, 2016

NEBRASKA SENATOR drives for Uber. A great idea - every government employee should be looking at private-sector employment opportunities....
THE WASHINGTON POST is proof that our nation's mental institutions have been absorbed into the [former] ruling class.
MORE 'INCLUSIVENESS' ON CAMPUS: " 'Inclusiveness' only goes in one direction. Like tolerance, they demand it, they don’t offer it."

One bright spot: Virginia's William & Mary.
EPA EMPLOYEES freak out. Well, they should; their jobs are at stake.

If I were Donald Trump, I'd hire Sarah Palin as EPA Administrator and give her one year to close it down.
GLENN REYNOLDS: 'Tolerant' educators exile Trump voters from campus.

Nuke 'em.
LENA DUNHAM ATTACKS ‘self-hating white women with violent privilege’ who voted for Trump. If Lena Dunham wants to see a 'self-hating white woman with violent privilege' she should look in a mirror.
DEMOCRATS: vicious, violent, anti-democratic. I ask again, "Where is the Democrat leadership?" and remind them that silence signals assent.
THE LEFT: a culture of hate.
CONSERVATIVES: It's the Republican party. Remember that 'big tent' thingy?
DEMOCRATS: Cluelessness runs deep. In Minnesota, at least.
HEH: Blue America. No wonder they're sad....
SAN FRANCISCO, then and now. Then was better.
TRUMP PROTESTORS: Where are Hillary and Barack?

Nowhere to be found, apparently.
DAMN THOSE RACIST, SEXIST TRUMP VOTERS: Texas county elects black woman sheriff and votes for Trump.
FINE, SO LEAVE: 23% of Clinton voters say they won’t accept Trump as legitimate.
BUBBLE PEOPLE GOTTA BUBBLE: The Democrat media complex will never understand what happened Tuesday night.