Thursday, November 10, 2016

WAIT! I thought his Nobel Prize was in economics.
IN AMERICA, political violence is pretty much exclusively a phenomenon of the Left. Here is another example.
SOME PRETTY GOOD ADVICE for upset Democrats.
FIRST WE GLOAT: Then we start to kick ass.
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: A blow to the non-elite elite.

Instapundit: "Our elites aren't elite, but they are elitist. That's the problem."
STILL MORE: When everyone gets a trophy, you don't know how to lose.

CRYING WOLF: 9/11 Truther Van Jones, Trump supporter clash over Jones’ fear of internment camps on air at CNN.

STILL MORE SNOWFLAKES at the University of Tennessee and the University of Michigan-Flint.


STARBUCKS CEO HOWARD SCHULTZ is ‘stunned’ by Donald Trump’s win. Goodbye, Starbucks. You also make lousy coffee....

‘NOT MY PRESIDENT!’ Vandals set fires, smash windows, shut down streets in California after Trump win.

EMBITTERED DEMOCRATS engage in racist outbursts.

SNOWFLAKES: The PC idiocy at America’s universities....

PAUL KRUGMAN: Our Unknown Country. You should try getting out more, Paul.
Enjoy them all; I did.

Only in your own minds....
TRUMP TANTRUMS: precious little snowflakes (read crybabies) don't like being spanked.

For Democrats, growing up is not an option.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Hillary Clinton carried the state [Colorado] last night and they were among the first to legalize recreational marijuana. (When you put it that way you sort of have to wonder if those two factors are related.)"

From this post on the spectacular failure of Colorado's single-payer health 'care' initiative.