Sunday, November 06, 2016

IT’S SCHRODINGER’S ELECTION: Hillary and Donald are each both President-elect and not President-elect, and they’ll stay that way until we open the box in a couple of days.

Can we just not open the box and do without?
YES: Early voting is a bad idea. So is voting without verification of identity. And verification of citizenship.
THE LEFT’S impulse to bully is universal. And hate. You forgot hate.
HOW WHITE LIBERALS really view black voters. Dammit, don't victims know they're supposed to be victims?

NOTE: I struck out the word 'white' because the headline applies to liberals generally.
MAKE ROBBERY SAFE: The place my son tried to rob should have been a gun-free zone. Then why was her son [now deceased, thankfully] armed?

More here.
GOOD NEWS IF YOU LOOK FOR IT: the mainstream media seems intent on committing ritual suicide by eviscerating the tattered remnants of its credibility.

Analysis: 'tattered remnants' is overstating their credibility.