Friday, November 04, 2016

OBAMA VOUCHES FOR CLINTON: Liar lying for lying liar.
KANSAS STATE: Students don’t have right to not be offended.

Trust fly-over America to get it right.
OBAMACARE: Imagine treating poor and middle-class Americans to Lamborghini subsidies but sticking them with the full price for tuneups. That's what particularly offensive about ObamaCare; without it, poor and middle-class Americans could afford unsubsidized Hondas and still have money for tune-ups.
NEWT GINGRICH: Hillary's cesspool of dishonesty and corruption.

Why are Democrats so enamored of cesspools?
May all women with a brain and not just lady bits vote against this unbearable embarrassment to our gender. May those women who do vote for Hillary never find any shoes in their size on sale. And may any man, of any sexual proclivity, who votes for Hillary never have another erection again as long as he lives, even if he eats little blue pills for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He won’t need it anyway because masculinity is all but illegal already.
May her curse succeed....