Wednesday, October 12, 2016

THE TRUMP TAPES: Vox misses the point about our debased culture.

My question: Has Vox ever not missed the point?
BOEHNER: Trump not a conservative and ‘barely a Republican’. Interesting. That's exactly what I think about Boehner.
WHAT TO DO if a bear attacks you and all you have is a knife:

The post is here.
BARACK OBAMA JUMPS ABOARD A DEPARTING TRAIN: U.S. will send people to Mars by 2030s.

This train's already leaving the station, fueled by private industry. Obama's just jumping aboard at the last minute to try and grab some glory for his 'legacy'.
A CONSERVATIVE WOMAN’S defense of the brave men who support Trump.
I will not follow the hypocrites and prideful dolts out the door who are too short-sighted and worried about holding on to their little bits of power to see beyond this election.
If Denise McAllister chose to lead, I would follow her on a campaign through the Gates of Hell to do battle.
I, TOO, PREFER DEEDS: words versus deeds.
SPINELESS ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS care more about their jobs than the future of America.

The next step after Trump wins the presidency is to target -- and defeat -- the establishment Republicans in the next available election.
THE PERILOUS WHITENESS of ... pumpkins? The 'academic' social sciences have gone stark raving mad.
NOW IS THE TIME TO KICK IT OVER: The ObamaCare stool wobbles.
LEAKED CLINTON EMAILS: Even Democrat policy advisers worry a $15 federal minimum wage would cost jobs.
In its campaign form, this is purely cynical political pandering. In legislative form, however, it would have real and practical consequences. But for Clinton, the potential loss of millions of American jobs is apparently a small price to pay when compared with her own political future.
They can't admit it for fear of alienating their (Bernie Sanders) Social Justice Warrior base.
PRECIOUS SNOWFLAKE UPDATE: "Back when college cost less, and there were a lot fewer “student life” administrators, student life seems to have been less stressful. . . ."
AMERICAN THINKER: Only one way for the FBI to regain its lost reputation.

But do they have the courage? Frankly, I doubt it.
FACT-CHECKING: only the facts that are fit to printsupport the liberal narrative.
HOW THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TREATS PROTESTERS: if they're liberals, coddle them; if they're conservatives, arrest them.
NOT JUST CHILDREN: Children are subjected to the soul-crushing conformity of nanny-state political correctness.
DOES 'INTERVENTION' INCLUDE BASEBALL BATS? Clinton suggests intervention for protester wearing Bill Clinton ‘rape’ shirt.
THE MEDIA IS HAVING A FAINTING SPELL over Trump's quip that Hillary would go to jail for her emails, but it forgets Democrats are the ones who throw the book at their opponents all the time.

'The media' is nothing more than Democrats with bylines.
BUT GUNS ARE NOT FOR 'LITTLE PEOPLE': Noted strict gun law advocate Kim Kardashian ramps up armed personal security.
FLORIDA AUTHORITIES are bracing for a spike in reports of clown sightings: Al Gore in south Florida to campaign for Hillary.