Tuesday, October 11, 2016

MICHELLE OBAMA: Hillary unfit to serve as president.

Punching back from unusual places. (Or, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.)
WAS THERE EVER ANY DOUBT? More evidence reveals Obama influenced Clinton’s FBI investigation.
TRUMP: Unfit to be President.
NIGEL FARAGE: The 'little people' have had enough.

Hopefully, the 2016 election will be Brexit West.
SORRY, but death is a legal remedy for stupidity. Ever hear of the Darwin Awards?
IT'S ONLY VOTER FRAUD if 'they' do it.

Here's the story.
JOY BEHAR finds out tramps have rights, too.

I'll bet that apology came through gritted teeth....
ESPN TURNED INTO MSNBC SO SLOWLY, I HARDLY EVEN NOTICED: ESPN gives President Obama an hour of air time Tuesday night.

I noticed ... which is why I'm curtailing my Monday Night Football starting next week. And removing ESPN from my TV favorites list.
OF COURSE; It's a Mercedes: Self-driving Mercedes will prioritize occupant safety over pedestrians. Who cares about the unwashed masses?

The real question is "Will it run over rioters on the interstate?" If so, I'll consider it....
MAMA'S don't let your babies go to these colleges. With apologies to Waylon Jennings.
ANOTHER CESSPIT: Facebook ‘corporate fascism’ exposed.
HOW TO START A CAMPFIRE if all you have is a pencil and an automobile.

Make sure your fire's lit; you'll need it when the battery will no longer start the car....
PERHAPS THE MOST SURPRISING THING about the leaked excerpts from Hillary's Wall Street speeches is that she actually had something to say.
PERSON WITH TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT CLEARANCE arrested after storing classified information at home. (No, not Hillary; she's too big to jail.)
HMM: THE MISSOURI CONSTITUTION says you can have and openly carry the weapon of your choice anywhere in the state -- except in places where the new law protecting the Second Amendment says you can't.

IF YOU THINK Donald Trump's comments are vulgar, check out Hillary's potty mouth.

Note that while Trump is crude, Hillary is both crude and hateful.
I WONDER WHY: Evil clowns fear real guns.

Perhaps because real guns produce real holes....
AN ARGUMENT for smaller government. Much smaller government.
THE SCOREKEEPER: To Hell with Republicans! Read the comments.
AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES need in-cabin cameras to monitor drivers.

Yeah, and my 2015 Chevy truck keeps telling me that I'm being inattentive while driving - the last time while I was parked in my own driveway. The next time it goes in for service I'm going to demand that whatever sensor/software is driving that text message be permanently disabled.

Self-driving cars? Thanks, but no way in hell.