Sunday, October 09, 2016

SADLY TRUE: "In a reality-TV culture, we focus on the reality-TV antics of reality-TV stars, rather than on . . . reality."
GOD HELP US: The three faces of Hillary.
NO, MR. PRESIDENT: It wasn’t Sarah Palin who drove America mad. Try looking in a mirror. (Or under your bus....)

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IT ALL MAKES SENSE when you realize they're just Democrat operatives with bylines.
BUT ONE OF THEM WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT: In an election about character, Trump and Clinton are beyond the pale. So you better get on board and pick the one who will push the levers of power in the direction you wish.
SAFETY TIPS for getting pulled over while carrying a concealed firearm.

In two words, common sense.
What if Republican leadership had taken more seriously the portents of the Tea Party defeats of Bob Bennett, Richard Lugar, and Eric Cantor? These men were not RINOs, and yet did not see, as much of the party still does not see, the depth of the discontent with Republican leadership at the present time.
If only....
UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE: Low price launches not best deal for taxpayer. Not enough opportunity for graft and corruption.
THOMAS SOWELL: 'Favors' to blacks ... aren't.
AFRAID TO SPEAK UP: In the era of trigger warnings a tenured professor stays silent.

He needs to put some steel in his spine and repeat after me: "Clearly you've mistaken me for someone who gives a shit."
BUT VOTER FRAUD IS A MYTH. Oh? State Police raid Indianapolis office in growing voter fraud case.

After reading the article you might ask "Who runs the Indiana Voter Registration Project?" The answer is here.

I'm sure you're shocked....
EXPLAINING WHY 'cesspit' is a synonym for liberal.

Unlike septic tanks, cesspits can't be pumped out; they just overflow and pollute the environment.
FIND, PROSECUTE, AND JAIL: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department decided to use social media to help identify and capture looters wanted in connection with the riots that took place after police shot and killed Keith Scott on Sept. 20. [I]t posted photos and mugshots of several looters on its official Twitter account in an attempt to name them, shame them — and bring them to justice.

TWEET OF THE DAY: "If you think a guy saying vulgar things is the biggest issue today you are not qualified to vote for what to have for lunch."
COMMON SENSE has abandoned the gender ship at Princeton:
[W]hat if someone falls off a ship during a Princeton cruise? “Man overboard!” wouldn’t do. Instead, a quick poll among people on deck could settle whether most observers thought the unlucky person was male or female. In cases of a tie, be fair and just leave the person in the water. Couldn’t everyone just yell, “Person overboard”? No. A generic shout like that could be taken as a subtle rejection of the falling person’s private gender choice. “Possible female or male overboard” wouldn’t work either, since everyone knows that there are somewhere between two and 32 genders, and failing to acknowledge them all before attempting a rescue would surely be seen as non-inclusive and therefore micro-aggressive. So, what to do? Committing a gender gaffe would be just awful. So it might be best to let the individual drown and get the gender right later at the autopsy.
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HURRICANE MATTHEW'S CHICKEN LITTLES are packing up and going home. The up side is that those affected won't have the Chicken Littles clucking over them and interfering as they recover.
DAMN THE TORPEDOES, full speed ahead.
[I]t can be useful to ask, What would the Democrats do? Here there is no need to speculate: we saw what they did in the 1990s. They circled the wagons and defended their man to the hilt, using whatever smears and lies were helpful, even though he was credibly accused of rape and multiple instances of sexual harassment. Indeed, that is what the Democrats are doing now with Hillary Clinton, as revelations much more material to her performance in office than the Trump video have come out over the past year or two. See, generally, Clinton Cash. Republicans are always held to a higher standard than Democrats, but why? Maybe this is as good a time as any to reject the double standard and fight fire with fire. E.g., this Drudge headline: “KATHLEEN WILLEY CALLS FOR HILLARY TO RESIGN FROM CAMPAIGN…”
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OBAMA ISN'T VAIN. Just ask him: "He knows, after all, that everyone who disagrees with him is wrong."
COMING SOON: A New Dark Age?

While I am certainly no fan of increased federal involvement in anything, a law I could support would require every state provide at least 90% of its energy needs from within its own borders. It would have the added benefit of making the national power grid that much more resilient.
TRUMP 10 YEARS AGO: a Democrat ... and besties with Bill Clinton.

Heh. Trump's response to this brouhaha ought to be something on the order of "Yes, I did. and if I were still a Democrat, there would be nothing but the sound of crickets."