Friday, October 07, 2016

FRIDAY ON MY MIND: Another Friday, another document dump; this one showing the corruption of the 'incorruptible' FBI.
IF YOU'RE NOT STARVING YET, President Obama is working to assure that you will be.

Reminder: Government cheese.
IEEE SPECTRUM: Monkeys type 12 words-per-minute with brain-to-keyboard communication.

The blogosphere hasn't created any Shakespeare either.

(I'm waiting for someone to suggest saving the monkeys and using bloggers instead....)
AND YOU THOUGHT TRUMP IS A MISOGYNIST: Liberals have nothing but contempt for women.
HILLARY: clothing for the emasculated man.

Ought to be a big seller for the Pajama Boy brigade....
‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ finds a new target - everyone.
TROLL MASTER: University of Michigan student successfully changes preferred pronoun to 'His Majesty' on class roster.

Mock them. Relentlessly.
TWITTER BRIEFLY SUSPENDED University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) for this tweet:

Reynolds responded:
Sorry, blocking the interstate is dangerous, and trapping people in their cars and surrounding them is a threat. Driving on is self-preservation, especially when we’ve had mobs destroying property and injuring and killing people. But if Twitter doesn’t like me, I’m happy to stop providing them with free content.
Bye, bye, Twitter ... I won't be missing you.
WAR CLOUDS ARE GATHERING. A hard rain is soon going to fall. I doubt that I'll be around when this next war happens, but my children and grandchildren will, which is not comforting....
U.S. ACADEMIC: Kill unwanted stray cats and keep the rest indoors. Personally, I'd rather let the environmentalists/social justice warriors starve in the cold and dark and confine their enablers to locked rooms in the ivied halls. My cats are far less destructive to the environment than they.
IN THE UNITED STATES, which are the most heavily armed?

Wyoming is the clear winner by a landslide, but look who's second: Washington, D.C., the 'home state' of our ruling elite. If that doesn't scare the pants off you, you're too damned stupid to be allowed anywhere near a voting booth.