Thursday, October 06, 2016

BUT, BUT ... voter fraud is a myth.
FIXED: Successes that aren't obvious.
BLUE ORIGIN'S rocket test went better than thought possible:
Blue Origin just successfully completed its first in-flight escape test, during which the empty crew capsule was able to make an emergency separation from the booster just seconds after takeoff. It's a maneuver that could save lives if it happens on a real flight. But Blue Origin stumbled upon some extra success: It landed the booster too.
The linked video has the entire test flight. It's long - over an hour. Booster liftoff is at 51:00; escape capsule ignition at 52:00. The capsule drogue chutes deploy at 52:30 and main chute deployment occurs at 53:30. Capsule landing is at about 54:00. The launch vehicle itself continued on its planned trajectory, reaching apogee at 55:00, and made a succesful landing at 58:30.

A magnificent achievement.
THE GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA SAFETY NANNIES are hyperventilating (as usual) about Hurricane Matthew this morning. For some perspective, consider these numbers:
Hurricane Katrina killed < 2,000 people in 2005;
Traffic accidents kill ~ 30,000 annually;
Homicides take ~ 16,000 lives annually; and
Suicides account for ~ 32,000 lives annually.
When you watch your 'hurricane nannies' on television, remember it's not about keeping you safe; it's about keeping them in control.

We can hope.