Wednesday, October 05, 2016

OBAMACARE ARCHITECT EZEKIEL EMANUEL: If you like your doctor, you can [pay more to] keep your doctor.

I did, and my health 'insurance' premiums still went up....
GOOD NEWS! Leo DiCaprio has disqualified himself from ever holding public office.
TAXIN’ TIM KAINE pushed to raise taxes on the poor.

I lived in Virginia when Kaine was Lt. Governor and then Governor. He was - and is - a bozo. Luckily for Virginians, he was an incompetent bozo.
THOMAS SOWELL: A brilliant idea to pierce the 'Ivy Curtain'.
YOU CAN THANK OBAMA FOR THAT: Our corner of the Milky Way might be bigger than previously thought.
WORRISOME? EEG Identification Can Steal Your Most Closely Held Secrets.
TIM KAINE: I'll be Hillarys' "right-hand person." For the only time in the VP debate, Kaine was right for he sure as hell isn't a "man" in any conventional sense of the word. A beta male at best.
WHEN TIM KAINE Said “stronger together” in the first 3 minutes, I turned it off.

I should have, but fortunately the television survived.
TRUMP/PENCE 2016: Make Liberals Grate Again.

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