Thursday, September 15, 2016

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME: The moment of silence remembering the September 11 victims at a Pentagon memorial service began early in order to accommodate a restless President Obama.

He probably didn't want to miss his tee time....
HILLARY: half of all Trump supporters are 'deplorable'. To which I respond:

Mock her. Mock her relentlessly.
THE PROGRESSIVE PROFESSORATE OF TOLERANCE commands students who question 'climate change' to shut up or get out.

Methinks the administration that harbors these, er, 'professors' should tell them that their services are no longer required. And escort them out of the ivied halls of academia.
LIVE FROM OMAHA, it’s Jill Stein. Gist: "A major faction of the Democrat Party is part of the lunatic fringe."

She was on Fox News' Special Report this evening, and from her comments there, I can only conclude that she and her followers live in a world that is only tenuously connected to the one in which we live.

MAYBE POLICE PATROLS ARE A GOOD THING AFTER ALL: Black Lives Matter activist changes tune on police following robbery.

From my email.
YOU DON’T SAY: Trust in media falls to historic low in new Gallup poll. Frankly, I'm surprised it's as high as it is -- my guess would have been at 10% or less.
DONALD TRUMP, medical marvel.

So tell me he's not presidential.
CHEAPER AND CLEANER NUCLEAR PLANTS could finally become reality — but not in the United States.
GREAT NEWS! High deductables are now the new normal in health insurance.

So we now have 1950's level catastrophic health insurance at 10 times the cost. Thanks, Obama.