Friday, September 02, 2016

AMMO GRRRLL on (mostly) bad habits. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was describing me.
WHY THE DEMOCRATS are fighting the biggest carbon tax in American history. Insufficient opportunity to spend more of Americans' tax dollars.
STUART VARNEY demands on-air apology from ObamaCare architect Zeke Emanuel.

Of course the hind end of the Democrat donkey jackass no only refused to apologize, he chose to blame Republicans.
BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Cow fart regulations approved by California’s Legislature.

The link is not to The Onion.
HILLARY AND DONALD react to Jesus Christ entering the presidential campaign. Personally, I'm with Jazz Shaw in wanting the Sweet Meteor of Death to run.
PUNCHING BACK: A little lawsuit goes a long way. A half-hearted retraction, but nonetheless it'll make 'em think twice about doing it again.

Update: Much more.
"VIRTUE-SIGNALLING IS NO BASIS FOR POLICY, but it’s the only moral compass the EU’s leaders have. Besides, the costs always fall on the little people, not the leaders."

Not just the EU leadership....

In general, virtue signalling is proof that you have none. Prime example: Colin Kaepernick.
IF YOU DON'T THINK the mainstream media is in the tank for Hillary, think again.

Much more here.