Wednesday, August 31, 2016

FIRST there was the Left's Naked Trump. Now the Right has Naked Hillary.

The Left is beginning to learn the meaning of the phrase 'punch back'.
JUDICIAL WATCH submits their questions for Hillary Clinton to answer (under oath) about her email practices at the State Department.

It'll be interesting to see how she tries to slow walk her responses.
TIM KAINE: Presidential candidates should be forthcoming about health and foreign entanglements.

Who is he talking about? Trump? Or Hillary?
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Why Hillary is never held accountable for her lies.
Lying in America has become not lying when “good” liars advance alternative narratives for noble purposes — part of our long slide into situational ethics and moral relativism. Every new bad idea in America today can ultimately be traced to the university. And it seems to take only about 30 years for academia’s nihilism to filter through the elite institutions and make its way into popular culture. So it is with our present idea of truth as a mere construct.
It serves the progressive cause.
NO, BUT JEWISH FATHERS ARE OKAY: Is it still okay to make Jewish mother jokes?
BRAVO: Virginia woman shoots down UAV with shotgun.

A new sport is born....
MINNESOTA GUN BUYBACK PROGRAM lands with a thud: "Walking up to a fire station in the midst of a crowd of cops to announce that you’ve got a hot handgun for sale is unlikely to draw in any criminals with an IQ higher than your average zucchini."

Of course there are a lot of zucchinis out there -- we call them progressives -- but they're mostly already unarmed.
THE CONNECTION between porn and fracking. Read it to the end.
THE RACE CARD ISN'T DEAD: It's just been renamed the 'alt-right' card since Hilllary introduced it as a 'non-racist' attack on Donald Trump and his supportersa few weeks ago.

Hillary and her progressive allies are trying hard to link Trump with who they perceive to be white nationalist anti-semitic conspiracy theorists "lurking in the dark corners of the internet."

The truth, however, is a bit more 'nuanced', as progressives are wont to say. The vast majority of the 'alt-right' supporters of Donald Trump are ordinary Joe's, married white men in their 40's to 60's who have a beef with progressivism's political correctness.

If exasperation with establishment conservatism, opposition to political correctness, and concern about the direction of Western Civilization is 'Alt Right', then I am Alt Right. So is my wife.
MORE ON a cash-free society. Read it all and note all the benefits for government. But where are the benefits for me?
FOR THE SAME REASON WE LOVE CARS: How can you love guns knowing they kill so many people?

And swimming pools. And fatty foods. And....

Remember: Cars don't kill people. People do.
THIS SCARES HELL OUT OF ME: Contactless payments are heading toward a cashless future.

Digital cash puts me at the mercy of corruptocrats who control/regulate the financial industry. Moreover, it uses the internet which, as we are daily seeing, is eminently hackable.

Cash doesn't.
WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Secrets of the Iran ransom.
CLINTON RULES: Bill and Hillary have always ‘tried’ to tell the truth:

Epic fail.
TOWN VOTER, COUNTRY VOTER 'Experts say' political divide between urban, rural America growing.

We need 'experts' to tell us what anyone who's lived in non-urban America has known for at least the last 50 years? I suggest that the 'experts' try googling 'rural urban divide USA'. Almost 700,000 hits would suggest to me that an accelerating rural-urban divide is rather common knowledge. At least to those of us who can open our eyes and look around.

And open new opportunities for political graft and corruption....
CARTOONIST STEVE KELLEY HAS A GOOD QUESTION for 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick:

I'll bet the answer is "No."