Friday, August 19, 2016

WASHINGTON POST: Obama is golfing during Louisiana flooding because he ‘detests’ theatrical politics. Oh?
'WHITE PRIVILEGE' didn't work, so now it's 'White Fragility'.

Why can't progressives just look in the mirror and admit that what they see is a racist?
SENATOR PERRY sounds pretty good to me.
TRUMP GOES TO LOUISANA: Where are Obama and Hillary?
STATE DEPARTMENT: Yes, that $400 million not-a-ransom to Iran was contingent upon releasing U.S. prisoners.

Ransom? Quid pro quo? What's the difference (other than one is legal; the other is not)?

UPDATE: Ransom is now 'leverage'.
BILL CLINTON: Hillary’s totally legitimate actions ‘too complicated’ for you peasants to understand.

Just trust us; we're the ruling elite, and we know what's best for you.
WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' ETHICS TRAINING; WE'RE THE RULING CLASS: State Department has no record of Clinton or her top aides taking mandatory ethics training.
THE FACES OF $15: Berkeley bookstore closes its doors - at $11/hour. And there are more. Many more. All in deep blue states. Check the links at the bottom.
THE CORNER: ‘Extreme Vetting’ Is Extremely Overdue.