Thursday, August 18, 2016

THE FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump in battleground North Carolina.

No pandering, and no pivot. Just a clear, crisp speech.
A PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE? Nervous Democrats are warning the next batch of leaked documents could contain information planted by Russia.

Battlefield preparation.
THE MORAL COWARDICE of the NeverTrumpkins. From the comments, Walsh struck a nerve (on both sides of the spectrum).
HE TWEETS WHILE HE THINKS: How to tell when a lawyer is past his 'sell-by' date. Earlier post here.

On the plus side, Twitter does help me sort out the idiots much faster....
MICHIGAN COURT: You must allow 'straight ticket' voting beause blacks are too stupid to mark their ballots individually.

For that matter, so are many Whites. And Latinos. And Asians. And....
OBAMACARE IS COLLAPSING, but Democrats don't mind; it's a step forward to single-payer (government run) healthcare.
THE DEATH OF TREY DENNIS should clarify the real problem of guns and violence in America.
ALL IS GOING AS I HAVE HOPED: Space mining company will launch an asteroid-surveying spacecraft by 2020.
TRUMP ON CHILD CARE POLICY: Points for taking it on, but National Review recommends improvements.
WELCOME to drive-in theaters. They were a staple of my childhood. I miss them.
AIRLANDER 10 takes flight. World's largest aircraft finally takes to the skies for a successful maiden voyage .

Check out the link: many pictures, plus a short video of the 302 foot long 'aircraft' taking off on its maiden flight.

The Airlander 10 is -- for all practical purposes -- a spinoff of a concept airship for a much larger vehicle I worked on as a staff engineer at Lockheed Martin in the early 2000's.

More Shadow's World airship posts are here.